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psyscrolr Announced as Wii U eShop Exclusive


  Actos Games uploaded a trailer for psyscrolr on Friday, which showcases the game’s “psychic energy” gameplay mechanics, and intriguing pixel visuals. psyscrolr is a platformer riddled with puzzles to be solved, most of which seem to take advantage of the main character’s psychic energy abilities, and a touch of combat for good measure. The game is being built to

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Nintendo Download for September 25, 2014


Wii U eShop Hyrule Warriors – $59.99 (Available September 26, 2014) Darts Up – $2.49 Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade – $8.99 Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party (Demo) – Free Nintendo 3DS eShop Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival – $19.99 Virtual Console Mario Golf: Advance Tour (GBA on Wii U) – $6.99 Nintendo eShop Sales The Super Smashing Sale continues

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Spy Chameleon: RGB Agent Sneaking onto the Wii U


Trailer Note: Doesn’t showcase Wii U gameplay, though should be similar. Spy Chameleon: RGB Agent was just announced by EnjoyUp Games and Unfinished Pixel (the developer) for release on the Wii U. Presumably, the game will launch on the Nintendo eShop. Spy Chameleon challenges you to complete missions by sneaking around using a color-changing mechanic that helps you blend in

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Shin’en Releases Two More Gorgeous Screenshots for FAST Racing NEO on Wii U


Shin’en is bringing their A game for the release of FAST Racing NEO. Not only does this game look fantastic for a Wii U game, but also for a digital title. While we believe it won’t become “the new F-Zero,” it certainly looks like the best F-Zero alternative to date. Enough of my blabbering, have a look at these gorgeous

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