Rhythm Heaven Fever Review

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The Rhythm Heaven series makes its first appearance on a Nintendo console with the latest entry, Rhythm Heaven Fever. As a gamer (and reviewer), I am new to the Rhythm Heaven series, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. What I did know was that it is essentially a mini game compilation, except that each game is based around rhythm. What did I discover inside the whacky world of Rhythm Heaven Fever?

I discovered that in its charm and simplicity, Rhythm Heaven Fever is an awesome and unique gaming experience. Upon starting you will be subjected to a rhythm test that will teach you the basics for playing the game. In a nutshell, you need to press buttons in rhythm with the action on-screen. While some mini games will implement both the A and B buttons, you will spend the majority of time using just one button. One thing that I can’t explain is that for some strange reason I acquired a sense of satisfaction when getting the rhythm correct. This is most evident in my favourite mini-game; Double Date.

Each mini game has a different feel and theme which adds a lot of variety to the gameplay. Not one game feels like another and with 50+ rhythm games that is an incredible feat; there are also remix games that mix together previously played mini-games to create another hectic, yet enjoyable game. In fact, the overall execution of the game is impressive. In essence, if you’re terrible at holding a rhythm, then you will probably find that this game can be quite frustrating. However, fear not, because if you keep playing you will eventually get better, or at least good enough to clear most of the games. There will never be a time when you can blame the game for your failure, if you mess up, it’s your fault. If you do get frustrated with a game there is an option to skip it after enduring a number (somewhere between 5 and 8 I believe) of failures. You will often find yourself relying on visual clues to play the game which does happen to make things a little easier.

Besides just playing through the main game there is a ton of other stuff to do as well. There are medals to be won on every rhythm game, and each game can also be perfected; perfecting games will unlock pieces of the soundtrack. There are also a set of Endless Games (Mr. Upbeat for example) and Rhythm Toys that will be unlocked as you collect medals. These are some decent distractions from the main game and add to the immense amount of replay value.

Rhythm Heaven Fever is not only known for its solid, simple gameplay. Rhythm Heaven Fever also features some amazing artwork. Each game has unique hand-drawn animation that creates a charming gameplay experience. Rhythm Heaven Fever is also no stranger to color utilizing just about every color the Wii can spit out. These visuals are charming and will entice the coldest of hearts.

Rhythm Heaven Fever also boasts a varied soundtrack. Every game has its own theme, most of which are upbeat; some songs even feature lyrics. As I mentioned before, you will sometimes rely on visual clues to perfect the game; the same can be said for audio clues as there will be certain cues given to help you get the rhythm down.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Rhythm Heaven Fever is a solid gaming experience. There is a charm in its simple gameplay and variety of rhythm games. No other mini-game compilation does it this well, except maybe WarioWare. There really isn’t much more to be said that haven’t been said in the review. At its current price point ($29.99), there really is no reason to exclude this Wii game from your collection.


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