Super Mario Bros. Review

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Super Mario Bros. is one of the most iconic games in the history of video games. It doesn’t represent the origins of the Mario character, but it is the beginning of his side-scrolling adventures. Super Mario Bros. can partly be credited for the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System in its early years. You play as Mario in this sidescrolling platform adventure, with the main goal being to save Princess Toadstool (Peach) from the clutches of the evil King Koopa (Bowser). Super Mario Bros. can be played with a friend whom will gain control of Luigi as Player 2.

Players will travel across eight different worlds, each consisting of four levels; themes include Grasslands, Underground, Water and Castles. Each level is completely unique from the last and the difficulty will increase as you progress through the game. Levels are simple in design being made up of platforms, pits and numerous enemies for Mario to overcome. Many iconic foes can be found in Super Mario Bros. including; Goombas, Koopas, Hammer Bros, etc. Mario will also face the notorious Bowser at the end of each world. Although seven of these bosses are impersonators, Mario will have a final showdown with Bowser himself in world 8.

Mario can get some help by collecting Mushroom and Fire Flower power-ups. These power-ups can be found in bricks and ? Blocks. Mario grows when touching a mushroom which also gives players the ability to take an extra hit before dying. However, after taking a hit, Mario will be reverted back to his small state and become vulnerable to death once again. Fire Flowers allow Mario the ability to throw fire at the enemy making it easier to pass. Players can find 1-UP Mushrooms that give the player an extra chance at beating the game. Coins are also scattered throughout the levels and will give Mario an extra life when collecting 100 of them.

Controlling either of the Super Mario Brothers is extremely easy and is no doubt the reason this game appeals to many types of gamers. Mario’s movement is controlled with the D-Pad with Jumping mapped to A. B holds two different functions; the first allows Mario to throw fire balls with the Fire Flower power-up, and the second allows Mario to run when it’s being held down. That is all the information you need to play the game, but to master it you will need a lot of skill.

Jumps will eventually get longer and enemy placement will become more aggressive. Learning the patterns of each level is extremely useful and can be used to avoid simple mistakes. This may include learning enemy placements, pits or even the use of hidden blocks and warp zones. Hidden blocks may contain coins or power-ups, however, it is the warp zones that will become your best friend; finding them has become a legend in itself.

Super Mario Bros. still looks great today with credit being given to its well designed 8-bit world. Sprites are recognizable, detailed and colorful. Not only is Super Mario Bros. extremely recognizable for its graphical approach, but it is also home to the unforgettable main theme. Its soundtrack is quite good and each theme easily fits the situation Mario may be facing. Sound effects are also top notch and perfectly represent each action. A lot of things in Super Mario Bros. can be found in later games, such as the sound effects for example, and in my opinion Super Mario Bros. can be considered the foundation for the entire franchise.

4 out of 5 D-Pads4/5 D-Pads: Overall, Super Mario Bros. is an extremely fun game. It offers many different enemies, as well as boss fights, tons of hidden secrets and lots of personality in its design and sound. It is one of the most recognizable games ever created and no doubt emits a wave of nostalgia for many gamers. If you haven’t player Super Mario Bros., which you of course have, download it now on the virtual console for 500 points. Or just download it to own a piece of gaming history.

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