New Club Nintendo Featured Game Reward – 3D Classics Excitebike

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Nintendo has just swapped a featured game reward over at Club Nintendo. If I remember correctly, 3D Classics Excitebike was offered on the service once before, but it’s there again now for those that may have missed it the first time. For 150 coins you can get a copy of 3D Classics Excitebike today.

Get 3D Classics Excitebike at Club Nintendo

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  • Robert

    Hm. Decisions, decisions. I do remember a good bit of excitebike nostalgia and I think this version has a level editor. For some reason I’m thinking the reception to this was a bit luke warm; will have to check out some reviews.

    • Mini Fortress

      If I remember correctly, Excitebike received a luke warm response because it was the first 3D Classics game and I think more was expected of the title.

      • Michael Vincent

        Was mentioned in E3 last year or in 2010 I think. I want this and Elevator Action or whatever the name of that o.o But I think Square Enix chose another platform for that one though. :(

  • Chalgyr

    This one? I am going to grab. Truth be told, I’ve been hoping this was going to come up since picking up Xevious 3D several months ago.

    • Mini Fortress

      Seems like a solid choice. I was sure Nintendo had it listed at a higher price last time, so this seems like a good deal.