New Project C.A.R.S. Trailer Bashes Grid 2 Developer

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Coming to the Wii U in 2013, Project C.A.R.S. is shaping up to be a stellar racing title. Well, much can’t be said for the gameplay as of yet, but the game sure does look gorgeous. Regardless, the lack of gameplay being showcased isn’t stopping Slightly Mad Studios from taking a jab at Grid 2 developer, Codemasters.

Clive Moody, executive producer of Grid 2, responded to fan criticism regarding the removal of in-car in a recent statement given to Eurogamer. His argument was that according to facts, only 5% of players actually used the in-car view, so its removal would allow them more memory to create a better, more immersive experience.

As teased above, Slightly Mad Studios decided to send a little jab to the Grid 2 developers. Throughout a good portion of the above trailer you will be seeing a lot of the in-car view, but it’s the statement at the end that really delivers it home. We are the 5% appears near the end and is an obvious poke at Codemasters, but it also shows fans that they will not turn away even the smallest audience.

What do you think? Was this a clever way to get fans interested in Project C.A.R.S.? Or a needless jab at the competition? Weigh in with your opinions below.

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  • dkanddiddy

    clever strategy by project cars. this game keeps looking better and better!

    • Mini Fortress

      Looks OK to me, though I need to see more. I agree, this is a clever little jab and could bring in those “5%” that Grid 2 may have ticked off.