New Super Mario Bros. 2 TV Commercial

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Absolutely love this TV Commercial. Really makes you want to collect those 1,000,000 coins. Too bad the reward for doing so is pretty lame. Regardless, still a title I’m looking forward to playing. I have it pre-ordered and will be picking it up on launch day!

On a side note, would you like to see a Star Coin guide for this game? I have always wanted to do guides and would be interested in doing Star Coin guides for all the New Super Mario Bros. games. Leave it in the comments, or vote for it in the poll later this week!

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  • Robert

    I saw that earlier today and thought it was really cool.

    Check out GameXplain on YouTube, they have tons of nsmb2 content including star coin guides and general level previews. Been watching a lot if those lately.

    But I’m always up for more.

    • Mini Fortress

      It is a neat commercial, I like.

      I’ve seen some GameXplain stuff on YouTube and they have a good knowledge of everything they do. Though, I won’t be checking out their NSMB2 stuff, I like to stay Spoiler free as possible. Including level designs, yes, I’m that weirdo.

      • Robert

        That’s true, been trying to stay away from the specific level guides and just view their overall reviews/content. :)

        • Mini Fortress

          I’ve checked out a few of those and still felt weird about it lol. Only what, little less than two weeks left?

          • Robert

            Confession time: have you checked out anything else or are still trying to keep it a surprise? I looked at a few things, but stayed away from the coin guides and complete level walk-thrus.

            ONE DAY TO GO!!!

          • Mini Fortress

            lol I did see all the trailers and I do know the 1,000,000 Coin prize. I know about all the worlds as well. Know nothing about the coin positions or level structure.

            I’m pumped to say the least.