Nintendo Confirms Release Dates for Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Other Handheld Titles Coming in late 2012!

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Nintendo just revealed a ton of release dates for Nintendo 3DS games coming in the remainder of 2012. Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion are all there. Even a confirmation for the North America release of Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! However, there is one key title missing from that list.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is nowhere to be found on the list. It’s odd because Nintendo previously said it would come during the 2012 holiday season. However, now it’s coming in early 2013. Though you know, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. There are some interesting third party 3DS titles coming later this year like Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Castlevania Mirror of Fate and a guilty pleasure of mine: Angry Birds Trilogy. To be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to get everything, so this is for the best.

OK, enough of my babbling. See the complete lineup, for handheld systems, for the remainder of 2012 after the break.

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  • Zack Kaplan

    They better not delay Rayman Origins again. I stopped my self from getting it on the Wii for $10 so I can play it on the 3DS.

    • Mini Fortress

      Honestly, I would have just got it for the Wii at that price.

  • Robert

    I gave up waiting for Rayman on 3DS and picked up the Wii version yesterday at BestBuy for 9.99. Am a bit disappointed to hear about Luigi’s Mansion, but honestly there’s enough coming out as-is.

    Not sure how many I’ll buy, but I’m looking forward to Epic Mickey, [obviously] NSMB2, Gradius, Cave Story, Night Sky and Fluidity.
    Professor Layton and Adventure Time also look cool.

    • Mini Fortress

      At that price I would definitely not pass up the game.

      I’m all for Epic Mickey as well, and interested in Fluidity a little bit. Paper Mario is my most anticipated 3DS game this year though, well after NSMB2 that is.