Nintendo Download for August 30, 2012

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Nintendo eShop

SpeedX 3D – $3.99

Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D – $3.99


Nintendo DSiWare

Escape the Virus: Shoot’em Up – 200 Points/$1.99

3DS Virtual Console

Toki Tori – $3.99

Nintendo Video



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Source: ND Press Release

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  • Zack Kaplan

    Between SpeedX and Toki Tori this is a pretty good week.

    • Mini Fortress

      I’d like to try Toki Tori, but I don’t have any funds on my 3DS at the moment.

  • Robert

    Seems like a pretty light week with Toki Tori stealing the show. Probably won’t download now, but is probably a good puzzler for down the road.

    • Mini Fortress

      I may download the title eventually as well. Maybe before Toki Tori 2 comes out.

      Now that I think about it, I wonder how much different the GBC version is from the PC/Console versions.