Pokemon Creators Reveal New IP – Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight

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Game Freak, widely known for its involvement in the Pokemon series, has revealed a brand new intellectual property today. This new IP is known as Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight.

Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight is an action based rhythm game coming to the eShop. Characters automatically move forward while it’s your job to defeat enemies and collect music notes to match the rhythm of each song. Seems like you will get some level of control in the form of jumping and even interacting with plants that look like cymbals from a drum kit. Looks like boss battles will also play a big role in the game. Other features include comic-like cut scenes, cool world maps, and multiple playable characters!

Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight is an intriguing title that just oozes creativity. I don’t get excited for rhythm based games often, but this is one to keep an eye on.

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