ZombiU – Survival Trailer

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How do you survive a horde of zombies? According to Ubisoft, you keep your distance. Well, that and a few other tips shared with us in the above trailer.

This ZombiU trailer does show off some new gameplay footage and there’s blood, lots of blood. Most importantly, it sheds some light on ways to survive. Most of these tips are zombie cliches, but if it works, right?

Regardless, I’m thinking this game will be one of the Wii U’s standout titles. I just hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate as its little brother, Red Steel.

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  • http://twitter.com/NinGThoughts Zack Kaplan

    Hopefully 3rd party support like this remains throughout all of the Wii U’s life cycle.

    • Parko

      I certainly hope so, it’s been too long since 3rd party support has been great on Nintendo consoles. It hasn’t really been all that great since the SNES. Sure we got a few bones here and there, but nothing like the early era.

  • http://incompletegaming.blogspot.com Robert

    Pretty cool trailer, I hope it turns out well and sells.

    • http://twitter.com/MiniFortress Mini Fortress

      If I can managed to scrape up enough for a Wii U, this is a game I’ll most likely get. As overdone as the zombie genre is these days, I still like taking them down.

      • http://incompletegaming.blogspot.com Robert

        I may look more into a Wii U in 2013 or 2014. Should hopefully be getting my Wii back in late August and want to put some time into those games for now.

        As for Zombies, it has been a hot theme the last few years and probably a bit over-done. Though seeing the direction that ZombiU and the two ‘Walking Dead’ games are taking is somewhat refreshing. They seem to be putting more thought into it beyond the ‘mow hordes of zombies down’ kind of thing. (though some mass zombie mowing is fun at times. eg: HOTD:Overkill)