Nano Assault Neo Attacking the Wii U Digital Platform

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Shin’en Mutlimedia is a constant provider of quality content, so when Nano Assault Neo was slipped into the Wii U Preview event, I was stoked. Nano Assault Neo is gorgeous, but Shin’en usually presents awesome looking games on Nintendo hardware, so no surprise there. Though, it’s the gameplay that gets me excited.

Nano Assault Neo is a frantic twin-stick-style shooter that will pit you against the Nanostray virus. Your goal, stop it from spreading, however, you won’t have to face this deadly threat alone. Nano Assault Neo supports drop-in, drop-out two player co-op. Your goal will be to clear 90% of the organisms on each stage to trigger the exit. A partner in crime will no doubt come in handy. Players can use sub-weapons and collect credits to use in shops.

Also, like most Wii U games, Nano Assault Neo can be played on the Wii U GamePad itself. Oh, and there is also an online leaderboard.

Nano Assault Neo will come to Wii U’s digital platform.

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