Somewhat Random – Game Gear Collection

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I didn’t spend my entire childhood playing Nintendo, so I thought I’d share some of the SEGA stuff that I still own. Actually, I just own a Game Gear right now, but that still counts, right? Of course it does! It’s much smaller than my other humble collections, but there’s a few interesting titles here.

When I got my Game Gear back in the day, these were the two games that were bundled with the handheld. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was frustrating as a kid, it wasn’t as good as the first Sonic Master System/Game Gear title and it was hard. I could never, ever beat the first boss, so this game didn’t get much play. I’ve recently played it and liked it more, but probably because my skills have improved. World Series Baseball got much more play, mainly because you could customize a team. This kept me interested because baseball was my favourite sport, was being the key word there. Go Toronto Blue Jays! They’re still awesome, right?

This was another game that I received with my Game Gear, and it was my favourite at that time. Jurassic Park has two different kinds of stages; the first challenges you to outrun a dinosaur in your jeep and the second is classic platforming and shooting action. This was a tough game, but rewarding for Jurassic Park fans. You take control of Dr. Alan Grant and get to shoot lots of dinosaurs. You could also pick the stage you wanted to play, so that is a cool feature that works in this game’s favour.

If you grew up in the 90s, you’d understand why Power Rangers games are in my collection. Whenever I took a break from pretend Power Rangers fighting with neighborhood kids, I’d probably be playing these games. They are a mix of beat ‘em up and fighting games with a decent roster of characters from the show and movie. Levels are split into two different sections; the first section has you fighting lots of Putty Patrol and the level’s boss, while the second part sees you fighting with Megazord, or Dragonzord depending on the story. Both games are remarkably similar, but have different villains and settings. At first glance you’d think these games suck, but they are actually not that bad. Not as good as the SNES game, but still fun.

Capcom wasn’t the only developer with their hands on the Disney license, SEGA also got to develop some great Disney games, two of them you see above. Aladdin in particular is a stand out Game Gear title. It’s not only faithful to the movie, but it also sports awesome gameplay. It’s much different than both the SNES and Genesis titles, but can still hold its own. I’d compared it more to Prince of Persia in the way that you control Aladdin. I’d recommend this in a heartbeat to those that may be curious. Lion King on the other hand is a much more standard platformer, while it still remains faithful to the movie, it’s not nearly as fun as Aladdin.

And all I have left now are these two games that I couldn’t fit anywhere else. Not a whole lot to say about Mortal Kombat to be honest. It’s a rather shallow port and my copy seems to freeze up at Shang Tsung every single time. Columns on the other hand is a time sucker. It was SEGA’s Tetris, but is different enough to warrant a look. SEGA fans are no doubt familiar with the title. Instead of eliminating lines by making a line, Columns has you matching same colored blocks, jewels, and even fruit. It’s a lot of fun, and just like Tetris, it’s addicting and challenging.

That’s it for my Game Gear stuff. Tomorrow I’ll be having a look at my Nintendo DS collection.

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  • Zack Kaplan

    I am jealous of those Disney games. I really wish those would come to the 3DS virtual console.

    • Mini Fortress

      Both good games, and both would make good VC games. Have we seen many Disney VC games yet?

  • dkanddiddy

    Never owned a SEGA system. I was kind of a Nintendo fanboy when I was younger, so anything that wasn’t Nintendo was bad. Looking back on it, I wish I would have spread my interests more.

    • Mini Fortress

      While I’ve always been more of a Nintendo fan, I couldn’t resist different tech. Genesis, Playstation, heck I even played on a Sega Saturn and TurboGrafx-16 for a bit. Though, whenever the argument would arise, Nintendo always won!

      Virtual Console has been a great way for me to catch up on games from Genesis and TG-16 that I never played as a kid. I guess you have been exploring a lot of different consoles there?

      • dkanddiddy

        I’ve explored a little bit, but not as much as I have wanted to. I currently have Shinobi on my 3ds, but I think that’s it in terms of SEGA games.
        I did check out a video on Aladdin, and that’s one game I’d definitely buy on the VC; it looks awesome!

        • Mini Fortress

          There are a lot of great SEGA games to discover, something that I’m still doing to this day.

          Aladdin on Game Gear is awesome, definitely an underrated game.

  • coffeewithgames

    Nice! My brother had a Game Gear, and while he didn’t have a lot of games on it (not as many or your collection shown), the ones he had we did put a good bit of time in.
    Shinobi, Sonic, and Andre Agassi’s Tennis. I’m trying to think of anymore, but those are the ones I remember playing a lot of, and at least enjoying.

    • Mini Fortress

      I used to play Shinobi a bunch when I was a kid. I never owned it, but borrowed my cousin’s copy. Your brother has good taste!