Somewhat Random – Nintendo DS Collection

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I often credit the Wii for getting me back into gaming, but I’d be wrong. In 2005 I received a Nintendo DS as a Christmas gift and here we are 7 years later at

Super Mario 64 DS is an enjoyable remake with new levels, characters, 150 stars and some impressive visuals. Mario Kart DS was my first Mario Kart since Mario Kart 64. It offers gamers 16 brand new tracks, and 16 retro tracks for the first time. It also has a cool Mission Mode that was left out of Mario Kart 7 for some reason. New Super Mario Bros. started a wave of retro nostalgia that hasn’t subsided since. It’s my least favourite game in the New Super Mario Bros. series, but there is still plenty of fun to be had.

Kirby Super Star Ultra is a fantastic remake of a great Kirby/SNES game that includes some new games! Nice for any Kirby fan looking for a classic Kirby experience on the handheld. Tetris DS not only brings you classic Tetris gameplay, but also 5 other modes inspired by Nintendo franchises. Metroid, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Balloon Trip, and even Yoshi’s Cookie each have their own style of gameplay in Tetris DS. Plus this game supports online play making this a must own for any Tetris fan.

One great Zelda game and one mediocre Zelda game. Phantom Hourglass was a nice twist on overhead Zelda gameplay with some great new elements, such as the touch control. Spirit Tracks on the other hand was less than stellar. Hated the Train and hated the Spirit Flute and the dungeons/bosses are just OK. Definitely a must for any Zelda fan, especially if you can get your hands on a Zelda branded feather stylus.

Konami had a strong presence during the Nintendo DS era, mainly with its Castlevania titles. I only had the chance to get Order of Ecclesia, but that’s not a bad thing because the game is great. Loved the characters and the level progression. Contra 4 is loaded with Contra content, and for good reason, it marked the 20th anniversary of the series! Not only does it have amazing Contra III like gameplay, but it also has a huge library of Contra history, Contra and Super C from the NES, multiple characters (including Probotecter), and special challenges.

Two wildly different doses of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Nintendo DS. Sonic Rush is a twist on the classic Sonic gameplay style, while Sonic Chronicles is an epic Sonic RPG. Both are neat titles, but could easily be skipped.

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is a game I bought on a whim, and I was pleasantly surprised. It offers a unique blend of sidescrolling action with puzzle elements. I’ve never written a review, but I should. Monster Tale will likely go down as a Nintendo DS game that no one played. It was developed by some of the same team behind Henry Hatsworth (I’m always tempted to write Professor Hatsworth thanks to Mr. Layton) and published by Majesco. I received this copy to write a review for iNintendo, which you should totally read if you’re interested in the game.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife would mark the first time I really understood the appeal of touchscreen gaming. It not only lets you operate on humans, but has a story worthy of any day time soap. Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero is another title that has been ignored by the masses, and what a shame. It is one of the best Zelda clones I’ve ever played, plus there’s a hint of Pokemon in here as well. Zelda and Pokemon combined? Yeah, that’s this game.

Retro Game Challenge, based on the popular Japanese TV known as GameCenter CX. This game is a wonderful nostalgia trip for all the old farts out there. Not only do you get eight new and awesome retro games, but also a true depiction of gaming in the retro era. You can actually read magazines in this game that were created to give tips, cheats, and even news about upcoming games. New games are unlocked by completing challenges, and you can see how games evolved in that era. Gameplay concepts got more complex, graphics were improved, and music became astonishing. All kinds of games are included in this package including Arcade Shooters, Action and even a full retro RPG.

Speaking of RPGs, how about a SNES classic? One of the world’s greatest RPGs, Chrono Trigger, did indeed get the port treatment on the Nintendo DS, and it turned out great. There are some new things added including new bosses, new endings, as well as those nifty PSX cutscenes. I would say that this is the definitive version of Chrono Trigger and should be around 20 bucks to pick up on eBay.

Well, that’s it for the collection this week. I only have three sets left to share with you guys. Next weekend, I will be sharing my GameCube collection with the Wii/3DS to come a little later in the year.

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  • Zack Kaplan

    Super Mario 64 DS is my favorite DS game after playing it on the 3DS with the circle pad. I bought Tetris Axis over DS, I don’t regreat it for all of its modes but I wish I had had the money to get both. Will you be getting Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for 3DS, I ask since you own 2 other Dreamrift games.

    • Mini Fortress

      There is a good chance that I’ll get the game at some point. I may not be able to get it when it’s released, but sometime after Christmas/holiday season. Two 3DS games that I want to get this year are Epic Mickey: POI and Paper Mario Sticker Star.

  • Matt S

    I still have around 60 DS games, but it’s become a very select collection – I’ve kept my RPGs and strategy games, and got rid of pretty much everything else. (which usually happens as I upgrade consoles – I keep my favourite two genres, but I’m unlikely to replay anything else).

    I wish DS games would go up for sale on the eShop.

    • Mini Fortress

      DS games for sale on the eShop would be great. Certainly seems plausible with 3DS games being available now. Would be nice to download some of the harder to get titles without breaking the bank on eBay, etc.

  • dkanddiddy

    I have about 15 DS games, but at one point, that number was around 25-30. Sold ‘em to buy the 3ds. ……Not a Pokemon fan, eh?

    • Mini Fortress

      Not a big Pokemon fan because it takes up too much of my time. I’m open to new Pokemon games, but I prefer shorter experiences over long adventures these days.