Watch the Wii U Preview Stream Online Tomorrow!

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Finally, after a long, long wait, Nintendo will reveal the price and release date for Wii U. We’ve known about the Wii U Preview Event that’s happening in New York City for some time now, but Nintendo hasn’t really given its fans info on how to watch the event, until now.

Tomorrow morning, 10 AM EST to be exact, you can tune into this webpage (or check it out on Facebook) to watch Nintendo’s live press conference that will feature new Wii U info.

Console launches have always been an exciting time to be a gamer, and the Wii U launch is no different. Hopefully, tomorrow we will come away with a Wii U Release Date, its price, and the games that will launch alongside the console.

I will be watching and doing live tweets tomorrow morning, then playing catch up with the website in the afternoon. I expect to post new information, and most likely a batch of screenshots and trailers as well.

So, the only question left unanswered, is your body ready? Well, if it isn’t Reggie has a special message for you after the break.

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