Free Mutant Mudds DLC to Reach your 3DS Before October Ends

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Mutant Mudds is a fantastic eShop title, and so far nothing has topped it, in my opinion. It also enjoyed a release on PC earlier this year, and with it came 20 brand new levels specifically designed for the Granny character. Today, I bring you good news regarding Mutant Mudds DLC for the Nintendo 3DS.

Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid has confirmed that Mutant Mudds DLC will be coming to North America on October 25 (Oct. 18 in Europe). This DLC will be free, and it will include all 20 Granny levels that were included in the PC version.

All 20 regular levels will now have a new hidden door, which can only be accessed as Granny, to find that will lead you to the new Granny levels. Granny levels are designed with retro CGA inspired visuals and will challenge you to use all three power-ups that Granny has in her arsenal.

Any excited Mutant Mudds fans out there? I sure am, as it was the first game (not counting retro games) to receive a perfect review score on Mini Fortress. This title has already robbed me of a number of hours, but it looks like I have to dive in again.


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