Top 10 Items from The Legend of Zelda Series

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Items have been a staple of The Legend of Zelda series since the very beginning. They open up new possibilities for puzzles, new ways to attack enemies, and a variety of other miscellaneous uses.  There are so many great items that it’s hard to narrow them down into a Top 10 list. I’ve picked ten of my favourite items from The Legend of Zelda series to share based on usefulness and significance to the series.

10) Skull Hammer – Wind Waker

Hammers are in quite a few Zelda games, but I think the Skull Hammer is the best of the bunch. It is an extremely powerful hammer that can be used to fight enemies, and can even take some of them down with one swing. However, Link wields so much power with the Skull Hammer that it can render him motionless for a moment. It can also be used to open new paths by driving pegs into the ground.


9) Fire Rod – A Link to the Past

One of the most useful items in A Link to the Past is the Fire Rod. I know it appears in other games, but I feel it is best utilized in the SNES classic. It uses up a little bit of magic power, but can throw fireballs across the screen. It lights torches on contact and is essential for solving a number of puzzles in the game; it can even make some puzzles easier due to its long range. Adding to its usefulness, the Fire Rod can be wielded as a weapon. It will instantly burn some enemies alive and must even be used to fight multiple bosses in the game.

8) Bombs – Multiple Zelda Games

Bombs are a long time staple for the Zelda series. Like a lot of items on this list, it is a versatile item and can prove worthy in a number of situations. It is a deadly weapon that can destroy a number of bosses from the franchise, but its main use would be the ability to blow up shit. Walls, floors, boxes, and even rocks can be completely obliterated; the bomb takes no prisoner. There has even been a little innovation throughout the series in the form of Bombchus and Water Bombs. However, when you think you’ve seen everything they can do, Skyward Sword lets you roll them like bowling balls.


7) Bottle – Multiple Zelda Games

Just about anything can be held inside these magical bottles, this makes them a great item to collect. Some uses include catching faeries that can revive a fallen Link, storing potions to replenish your hearts, and even killer bees that will attack enemies on your behalf.  Bottles can also store a variety of other things including a magical blue fire that melts red ice in Ocarina of Time and Gold Dust used to forge the Gilded Sword in Majora’s Mask.


6) Boomerang – Multiple Zelda Games

Much like many items on this list, Link’s boomerang has a multitude of uses that range from combat to puzzle solving. However, it has seen a few innovations over the series that keep it fresh and are worth mentioning. In Wind Waker it gained the ability to mark many targets at once, but it’s Phantom Hourglass that took things a little further. Not only could you mark many targets, but you could also draw the path it took which made boomerang puzzles more interesting. Twilight Princess added another new spin by imbuing it with the element of wind allowing Link to put out fires and drag foes closer to him.

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Image Credit: All images borrowed from Zeldapedia

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