Cover Revealed for the Final Issue of Nintendo Power

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Remember when this magazine hit the shelves at your local book retailer? I don’t because I would have been much too young, but the day I was old enough to understand the concept of reading, this magazine became a staple of my existence.

Fast forward 24 years into the future and the magazine is ending where it all began.

Twitter user, @mudron, revealed the final cover for the farewell edition of Nintendo Power, and now grown men all over the world are weeping.

It’s fitting for the editors of Nintendo Power to revisit the iconic clay cover of the original, especially because the words Super Mario are just as relevant today as they were in the ’80s.

It’s starting to sink in that the magazine’s end is just around the corner, and quite frankly, it’s a shitty feeling. One thing’s for certain, I’ll be at the local grocer to pick up Nintendo Power, one last time.

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  • Chalgyr

    I had not seen that yet, but wow – yeah, that brought back a quick jolt of memories. I was old enough to remember that cover. I started my subscription with issue #2, and bought an issue #1 off of a friend afterward. I kept my subscription for a few years or so. However, I began to branch into other gaming systems over the years, so one dedicated to Nintendo just seemed a bit less relevant to me than magazines like EGM and Gamepro that covered all systems.

    • Mini Fortress

      I started reading Nintendo Power around 1990 If I recall correctly, though I didn’t actually get a subscription until 96. I still have a few of 96/97 issues around and a Super Mario 64 Guide (without a cover lol) as well.

      I used to get EGM and Gamepro as well, and also loved Tips and Tricks. Mostly got them all for Nintendo news, but they covered a lot of Sega and PSX, which only made me want the games on those systems. Ahh memories.