Crashmo Guide

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You bought Crashmo from the Nintendo eShop and everything was going fine for the first batch of puzzles, but now you’re stuck. You opened up your favourite search engine and typed the words “Crashmo walkthrough” or “Crashmo guide” and it has led you to this page. Well, if it’s a guide you need to help ease the puzzling pain, it’s a guide you’re going to get.

Welcome to’s Unofficial Crashmo Guide. You will find solutions to every puzzle in the game inside this guide. Crashmo is the sequel to Pushmo, but with so many changes to the gameplay, Pushmo seems like a distant cousin.

In the posts that lie ahead, you will find a written guide for each and every puzzle that Crashmo has to offer. Each written guide will also be accompanied by step-by-step images taken by using Crashmo’s in-game screenshot feature. You can thank me later.

Note: This guide will continue updating until every puzzle has a solution. Solutions are my own and the screenshots are mine. If you share this info elsewhere, we would appreciate it if you provided a link back to this guide.

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