Early Wii U Users Experiencing System Crashes and More

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Some Wii U owners have been coming forward with issues concerning their brand new Wii U consoles. The first issue to appear involved the download speed of the major day one update. This simply turned out to be a matter of server overload according to Nintendo Customer Service. However, a much bigger problem surfaced for some users that turned their Wii U console off during the update.

Wii U users that have turned off their console during the day one update have reported that their Wii U console have “bricked.” Essentially, this means a brick is just as useful as the Wii U console. Obviously this will disappoint a lot of people whom will likely have to get their console replaced by Nintendo. Though, it seems this isn’t the only major issue to come to light since early yesterday morning.

Some users have been experiencing long OS loading times and system crashes. Nintendo has come forward to comment on both issues, and even dedicating a page on their support website for system crashes.

Loading Issues Quote:

We are aware that users are experiencing load times when they launch or switch between applications. We are exploring ways to enhance features for consumers’ overall experience.

Have you been experiencing any troubles with your Wii U console? Leave a comment below explaining the issue you have experienced.

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