Mini Fortress Presents Crashmo QR Codes

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This page will eventually become a destination to find Crashmo QR codes created by myself, and anyone that would like to add a puzzle to the page!

Bookmark this page, share with friends, and keep checking back to find new Crashmo QR Codes to satisfy your puzzling hunger! Newest Crashmo puzzles will always be posted at the top of their respective list.

Crashmo QR Code Count: 6 QR Codes

That logo looks somewhat familiar, hmm…

Not the most creative, really just testing floating blocks for future puzzles.

Meet Thwompmo, he’s adorably menacing.

User Submitted QR Codes

Another QR code submitted by Richard.

Labyrinth 1 was submitted by Jezmeralda.

SMB Level 1-1 was submitted by Richard.

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  • Richard

    Here’s my first Crashmo design!

    • Mini Fortress

      Thank you for sharing! I included it under user submitted qr codes!

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  • Super Jezmeralda

    Enjoy this Crashmo / Fallblox labyrinth.

    • Mini Fortress

      Looks promising, can’t wait to tackle this one! Adding to the user submitted QR codes.

  • Richard

    Here’s a new one. A little boring, but still…

  • Richard

    Here’s the newest. Enjoy!

  • JangOuh

    Hey i found a very new fanpage for crashmo. check it out :D