12 Wintry Video Game Themes to Enjoy During the Holidays

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Well, it’s December again and you know what that means, right? That’s right, winter is on its way and Christmas is just around the corner. Snow is already beginning to pile up and a bone chattering chill is blowing through the air. While some wish this time of year would end as soon as it begins, I look forward to embracing every moment: the hot cocoa, lights, snow, and the undeniable atmosphere. Though, winter also marks a time to be playing video games. Ones we already own, and some we may receive as a gift. Whatever the situation may be, you are certain to come across levels that are filled with snow and ice.

I personally love Snow and Ice themed levels – even if slipping off icy platforms is extremely frustrating – for their incredible wintry atmosphere and of course, the soundtrack. I have put together a list of my favourite snow and ice level themes to share with you this holiday season. Settle in, get that mug of hot cocoa and listen to these shivery winter themes!

12. Sherbet Land – Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

An upbeat, holiday-esque theme accompanied by falling snow and ice skating Shy Guys really set the atmosphere in this underrated Mario Kart game.

Honorable Mention: Snow Land – Mario Kart Super Circuit

11. Snowy Valley – Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

After just a few seconds of entering this level you will agree that this song’s chilly aura makes it the perfect theme for the level.

10. World 3 Map Theme – New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Mario is no stranger to winter levels, but it’s the Map theme that stands out the most, mostly because of those brilliant sleigh bell sound effects.

Honorable Mention: Ice Land – Super Mario Bros. 3

9. Crystal Forest – Secret of Mana

Upon entering this forest in Secret of Mana you are instantly hit with an ominous piece of music that feels like it is being reflected from the trees’ snowy branches.

Honorable Mention: Ice Palace – Secret of Mana

8. Freezeezy Peak – Banjo-Kazooie

This theme reminds me of old Disney Christmas shorts, need I say more?

7. Shiver Mountain – Paper Mario

Along with many tracks on this list, Shiver Mountain’s theme uses a wonderful mix of sleigh bells and icy clean sounds to create a very chilly atmosphere.

6. Phendrana Drifts – Metroid Prime

This is the most stunning area in Metroid Prime and its theme is no different. Its lovely piano arrangement highlights the isolated winter mystique.

5. Ice Cave Chant – Donkey Kong Country

This is an incredible piece of music, it sounds like Diddy and Donkey Kong stopped to play music with icicles. It’s hard to say this in a game full of wonderful music, but I feel this theme creates the best atmosphere for the level in which it’s showcased.

Honorable Mention: In a Snow-Bound Land – Donkey Kong Country 2

4. Frosty Wheel – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Another beautiful piano arrangement makes the list, this time it accompanies Kirby and Prince Fluff as they slide around all adorable and such in Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Honorable Mention: White Wafers 1 – Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

3. Winters – Earthbound

This is a magical place in Earthbound and the music suits its mystical, wintry feel well.

Honorable Mention: Snowman – Earthbound

2. Freezy Flake Music – Super Mario Galaxy 2

I searched each Mario game for snow themes and fell in love with this song. I haven’t played Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet, a crime I know, but that is not going to stop me from including this slice of winter happiness on this list. Is it just me or could this be what it’s like to walk around Delfino Plaza during the holidays?

Honorable Mention: Ice Mountain – Super Mario Galaxy

1. Walrus Cove – Diddy Kong Racing

This song is the inspiration behind this playlist of wintry music that is the perfect fit for any Christmas Eve or Morning. It features an incredibly upbeat mix of samples from Christmas songs (does anyone else hear Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Winter Wonderland?) and some of those sleigh bells that I like again. I can’t express how much this song reminds me of Christmas and winter in general. I got this game for Christmas one year and when I reached this stage, well, I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas day. I hope you enjoy this final entry as much as I do!

Honorable Mention: Diddy Kong Racing – Snowflake Mountain


OK, so there are more than 12 themes on this list, but what better way to get you all excited for the holidays? I hope that you will use this list to wrap gifts, open gifts, drink beer (if you’re legal age of course), or whatever when that magical day arrives.

Lastly, thank you for visiting Mini Fortress this year and making it an incredibly satisfying journey for me. Also, don’t forget to keep checking back every week during December for more wintry content here on Mini Fortress.

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