It’s all in the Numbers: Nintendo Hardware Sales for November 2012

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Nintendo is reporting hardware sales of more than 1.75 million units for the month of November 2012. Of course, these numbers are particularly of interest because of the recent launch of the Wii U console. Here is a breakdown of the numbers.

Nintendo managed to move 425,000 Wii U units in the United States alone. New Super Mario Bros. U has seen sales of 243,000 units which works out to be a 60% attachment rate, approximately. An estimated guess would put New Super Mario Bros. U going home with 6 out of every 10 Wii U owners.

Not to be left behind, Nintendo has moved a similar amount of Wii units during November. Wii has sold 420,000 units in November which puts it over the 40 million mark in the United States. All together, Nintendo has sold over 845,000 console units last month.

The Nintendo 3DS is doing better sales with over 545,000 units being sold in November. Nintendo DS is not far behind with 370,000 units in its 97th month on the market. Handheld sales were over 910,000 in November.

So, there are the numbers that coincide with the Wii U launch. Wii U seems to be off to a good start in the United States, and the Nintendo 3DS is selling strong. It’ll be interesting to see where Wii U sales go from here with December likely being another strong month of sales.

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