Platforming RPG UNEpic Coming to Wii U

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UNEpic is the latest game to be revealed by EnjoyUp Games and will be mix of a couple genres. UNEpic is a RPG platformer that follows a normal guy named Daniel. Daniel gets transported to a castle in the middle of a role-playing game and thinks it might be a hallucination brought on by drugs slipped into his beer by his friends. Yes, what you just read is indeed correct.

In the castle, Daniel is possessed by a shadow and must find a way to rid him of his body. The shadow tells Daniel that the only way to get rid of the shadow is to die and will give false clues to try and lead Daniel to his death.

UNEpic is a 2D RPG with platforming elements. There are over 200 rooms to explore, 70 magic spells to learn, and 100 weapons to use in the fight against Harnakon, the ruler of the castle. There will be a full character sheet complete with skills that can be upgraded and the possibility to craft potions. UNEpic will also feature quests and pets.

UNEpic will also feature achievements, statistics and leaderboards, multiple endings, four levels of difficulty, and even a castle map that can be marked on.

UNEpic is currently available on PC and is campaigning on Steam Greenlight, but will also be coming to the Wii U, presumably on the Nintendo eShop.

Check out the first batch of UNEpic screenshots.

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