Top 10 Robot Masters from Mega Man | 5-1

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galaxyman5) Galaxy Man – Mega Man 9

Weapon: Black Hole Bomb
Weakness: Concrete Shot

Galaxy Man is out of this world. Sorry about that, just needed to get it off my chest after not including the Ice Man pun earlier.

All jokes aside, Galaxy Man is the most intriguing boss from Mega Man 9. His battle isn’t hard, but his design is awesome. Galaxy Man has a U.F.O. for a head and he can shoot matter devouring Black Hole Bombs at Mega Man. After defeating Galaxy Man, Mega Man gets the power to shoot black holes from his arm cannon; tell me that isn’t neat. The Black Hole Bomb can prove quite useful throughout the game by making enemy laden areas a breeze to conquer.

Your #5 Pick:


Quick Man

pharoahman4) Pharaoh Man – Mega Man 4

Weapon: Pharaoh Shot
Weakness: Flash Stopper

The Mega Man series started to become stale during the latter part of its run on the NES, but Mega Man 4 serves up at least one memorable robot master.

Pharaoh Man is agile and shows it off by jumping around and throwing his Pharaoh Shot at you. Pharaoh Man can also change throwing direction midair which makes him a tricky boss to fight. Mega Man will get the Pharaoh Shot for himself after defeating Pharaoh Man. You can shoot normally with this powerful weapon, but you can also charge it up like the Mega Buster and unleash a huge power shot.

Pharaoh Man’s stage is one of my personal favourites from the series. There is a cool quicksand effect on the surface during the beginning, and the balloon power-up is cleverly hidden there as well. The tomb itself has cool detailed walls and I think the blue and green torches add a nice touch of mystique; definitely one of the more attractive sandy themed levels in the series.

Your #4 Pick:


Grenade Man

snakeman3) Snake Man – Mega Man 3

Weapon: Search Snake
Weakness: Needle Cannon

Snake Man’s stage is full of scaly green platforms and snakes, I know right. Snakes hang from the ceiling and protrude from the ground to shoot pellets at Mega Man, but it’s the clash with the giant snake heads that stands out the most. These giant snake heads will shoot multiple large energy projectiles at Mega Man which forces a dodge and shoot tactic. Their bodies dance to the music and can be distracting, but it also makes this level very memorable.

Snake Man will walk back and forth the stage and throw snakes at Mega Man’s feet. Dodging these snakes and Snake Man is difficult, especially when he begins to close in on you. Admittedly, the Search Snake weapon is kind of lame, but the snakes can climb walls which looks pretty cool.

Your #3 Pick:


Pharaoh Man

airman2) Air Man – Mega Man 2

Weapon: Air Shooter
Weakness: Leaf Shield/Quick Boomerang/Mega Buster

Air Man’s stage is very dangerous because of the sky high setting. There are no platforms and lots of necessary jumping to be done, but it’s the enemy placement that makes this level tricky; especially those damn birds. However, Air Man’s addicting theme will convince you to push forward.

Air Man himself is notorious for being extremely difficult to handle. He shoots multiple tornadoes at Mega Man that will push the blue bomber backwards. This attack also makes hitting Air Man with the leaf shield quite difficult. It’s best to take damage from one of the tornadoes, and then unleash a barrage of buster shots which is a surprisingly effective tactic.

Your #2 Pick:


Air Man

metalman1) Metal Man – Mega Man 2

Weapon: Metal Blade
Weakness: Metal Blade/Quick Boomerang

Metal Man is my number one pick for the most obvious reason. The Metal Blade is the best weapon in the entire series. It is extremely powerful and can be used to mow down enemies in any level and against many bosses from Mega Man 2. It also uses very little weapon energy making it more useful than the Mega Buster. Metal Man is the first Robot Master I defeat because of the weapons usefulness.

Metal Man gets the number one spot for a couple of other reasons as well. His overall design is very intimidating. He has a blade attached to his head and he throws spinning blades at Mega Man. His level theme is underrated and overshadowed by Air Man and Wily Stage 2. Of course, the stage is also well constructed and fun to play. You have to tread carefully over conveyor belts and watch out for traps that are conveniently placed on the other end. I also like to stop and admire the spinning cogs and industrial equipment working in the background.

Your #1 Pick:


Crash Man

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  • Metal Blade Hater

    I HATE the Metal Blade. It’s WAY too overpowered.

    • Mini Fortress

      lol That’s exactly why I like it!

      Just curious, what is your favourite Mega Man weapon?