I’ve got Video Game Music Stuck in my Head – Final Fantasy VII – Let the Battles Begin!

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Every now and then a certain song will come along and get stuck in my head. Tonight, it’s the little ditty above from Final Fantasy VII.

While Final Fantasy VII may not be my favourite Final Fantasy game, its battle theme strikes a chord with me. No other battle theme gets my blood pumping quite like this epic track. I can feel the struggle in my hands and the desire for triumph every time I listen to this song. I want to continue the grind, fight further, and wrong every right.

Good things come to those who fight through adversity, keep fighting.

Not heavy enough for you? How about a sweet metal remix?

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Artificial Fear’s YouTube Channel

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  • http://www.digitallydownloaded.net/ Matt S

    Oh dear. Why must guitarheads insist on ruining Final Fantasy music by Metal-ling it up? :P

    Did you ever go to the Final Fantasy Orchestra concerts? Wow that was an amazing experience.

    • http://twitter.com/MiniFortress Mini Fortress

      I love metal/rock renditions of video game themes, this is one of my favourites actually. Matter of opinion I guess :)

      I haven’t, but I am a fan of orchestrated music, will seek out some videos a bit later.