New 3D Super Mario and Mario Kart Games in Development for Wii U

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Nintendo has confirmed that a brand new 3D Super Mario game is indeed in development. In addition to a new 3D Super Mario game, a brand new Mario Kart game is also being developed for the Wii U. Both games are currently scheduled to be playable at E3 2013.

Unfortunately, there were no screenshots or trailers for either game. Looks like we have to hold out until June for more information.

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  • Dan Oelke

    Won’t you need a 3D television to play 3D Mario? I don’t see how else it would work? So, all of my excitement is directed elsewhere (HDTV without 3D capabilities), and all 10 people in the US that own 3D TVs will be excited, and I am sincerely happy for them! :)

    • Mini Fortress

      Not stereoscopic 3D, but 3D Mario in a 3D world like Galaxy, Sunshine, etc.