Nintendo Reveals Online Multiplayer for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

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02/14/13 Update: My guess was correct, Nintendo did show more information about new multiplayer modes and that info can be found here!

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is around the corner with a March 23rd release date, but we still know very little about the title. However, Nintendo has just uploaded a trailer showcasing the new multiplayer feature – which features both local and online support – being added to the series.

Today, Nintendo revealed Hunter Mode, a co-operative experience that lets gamers team up with three other Luigis to clear the ScareScraper – a tower infested with ghosts. Players are challenged to hunt down ghosts and clear each floor of the tower before the clock hits zero. Players can choose the number of floors they wish to conquer, (5, 10, or 25) and the difficulty. Depending on how you perform, you may be able to get bonuses and upgrades, both of which may come in handy when facing off against the boss waiting at the top of the tower. Oh, and if you die, your teammates will be able to revive you.

One thing I’d like to point out is that the trailer seems to suggest that Hunter Mode is one of many multiplayer experiences that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon offers. My guess is that Nintendo will show us more multiplayer focused trailers before the game launches in March.

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