Sonic, the Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film Now Online for your Viewing Pleasure

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Sonic is an ambitious, but interesting fan film that turned out to be fairly impressive. The Badniks and Sonic both meshed well with the real world shots, something I thought would have been super cheesy considering the source material.

Having Jaleel White be the voice of Sonic is an amazing touch and really adds some authenticity to the film. Urkel, I mean Mr. White, previously provided the voice for Sonic in the early 90s cartoon as well as the 2000 revival, so having him in this project is a real treat.

There are some fantastic shots and some great CGI animation, though there were some fairly ugly effects, mainly the explosions; however, the movie flowed well thanks to great editing. I thought most of the actors were kind of campy and for the most part they felt out of place, but Jaleel does an outstanding job with his part.

Definitely an impressive 18 minute fan film so I hope the ending means there’s more to come. Check out the Sonic Fan Film website and Blue Core Studios website for more information.

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