Virtual Console Coming to Wii U After Spring Update, Another System Update to Follow

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Nintendo has plans to release two system updates for the Wii U, both of which will focus on launching software faster and returning to the Wii U menu faster, but the Virtual Console will also be coming after the first update.

Shortly after the Spring system update, Nintendo will finally be launching the Virtual Console service on the Wii U, however, Nintendo won’t be offering the entire library that you can find on the Wii. Instead, Nintendo plans to start with some NES and SNES games and continually build the library; confirmation of Game Boy Advance titles coming to the Wii U Virtual Console was also mentioned.

The Virtual Console on Wii U will have features similiar to the 3DS iteration of the service, such as the ability to save a back-up of your game progress. However, the Wii U Virtual Console will also have new features. The most anticipated new feature is, of course, the ability to play VC games on the Wii U GamePad. Also, like many Wii U games, VC games will also have Miiverse communities.

What about all the Virtual Console games you downloaded on your Wii? Well, Nintendo acknowledged this, but the answer may not sit well with you. If you’ve already paid for a Virtual Console game on your Wii, you must pay a small fee to play it on your Wii U. Nintendo is offering the enhanced games at a discounted price ($1.00 per NES game, $1.50 per SNES game) if you’ve already bought them. This price will automatically be reflected in the Nintendo eShop if you transfer your VC titles over to the Wii U.

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