Madden 25 Announced, but not for Nintendo Systems

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EA Sports announced Madden 25’s release date today, but there was no love for Nintendo. X-box 360 and PS3 owners will be able to pick up a copy on August 27, 2013 for $59.99, but Nintendo fans get nothing. In fact, Nintendo wasn’t even mentioned in the article.

As it stands right now, there will be no Madden 25 for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, or Wii; also, no PS Vita version.


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  • Tom Badguy

    To be fair, the Madden versions on the Nintendo are really bad. Plus, Madden has a big competitive/tournament following so it makes sense that it would only be on 360 and PS3.

  • Chalgyr

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see it for Vita and Wii U still, but they could be doing some extra stuff with it too. Play creation and custom hot routes could be fun on the touch screens.