Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Receiving Post-Release Update to Add Awesome New Features

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Capcom has released details about a post-release update that will be adding some awesome new features that fans of the series are guaranteed to eat up. First, Capcom will be adding Off-TV play with this patch, a feature that is becoming increasingly popular amongst Wii U owners. Also, the fans requested it and Capcom is listening as they will be adding cross-region online play. After updating, fans from North America and Europe will be able to hunt together.

In addition to these two awesome features, Capcom also made clear that its online service will be free of charge. Not only will gamers be able to play online for free, but Capcom will be releasing free DLC quests every week for a period of time after the game’s launch.

This is exciting news for fans of the series and Capcom may have convinced fans on the fence to purchase the game.


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