Retro City Rampage Finally Coming to WiiWare Next Week

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Finally, after a long wait, Retro City Rampage will come to the WiiWare service next week. It will be released on February 28 in both North America and Europe, and will cost only 1000 Points.

The WiiWare version of Retro City Rampage will support the Wii Remote, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro and Game Cube Controller. Also, as a bonus, Retro City Rampage will come with “ROM City Rampage” built into the game’s arcade. ROM City Rampage is the prototype version of the game and represents how the game would run on a real NES console.

So, have you been holding out for the WiiWare version? Or have you already bought the game? Oh, I should also mention that the game is 50% off on Steam right now as well.


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  • Matt S

    I’ve only played the demo of this game, but it was awesome fun. I hope every Wii and Wii U owner grabs this to support the dev.

    • Mini Fortress

      I saw some kid playing it on the Vita at my local EB Games and the game look awesome. He was having some major trouble, it was pretty funny. Looking forward to getting my hands on it next week.