Creation of a Video Game with No Knowledge: Adding Coins

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Before starting any other aspect of this game, I wanted to implement a collectible item. As you may have noticed, I’m taking things one step at a time, and I wonder if this is how real video game developers approach creating their game? Regardless, doing things one piece at a time makes things a little easier for me, plus whenever I’m successful, it’s like a +2 to confidence. So, what collectible item could I possibly add to this game?

If you guessed coins, then you would have guessed correctly. As a tribute to Super Mario Bros., I added coins as the main collectible for my character. Not only are they easier for me to draw, but also quite easy to animate. I wanted my coins to spin, and spin they do. Below, you can see the frames of animation I created for this spinning coin.


There are four frames of animation here that actually create a believable spinning coin. However, not pictured above is the gold coin that will also be in the game. I wanted both silver and gold coins for a little visual variety, but also to add that little extra something to the gameplay.

The plan is to place silver coins in safe, easy to reach areas with a very low effect on your score. Gold coins, however, will not only be more difficult to obtain, but also worth more. There’s a risk and reward effect that I’m going for here which I hope entices people to try for the highest score possible on each level. I haven’t implemented the scoring mechanic yet, but will do so fairly late in this process.

As of now, the main character can run, jump, and collect coins. Of course, coins have been programmed to destroy/disappear upon collision.

OK, that is all I wanted to say concerning this topic, but before I go, I’m leaving behind this little teaser screenshot. Enjoy!


The game does not look this blurry, it’s just a side effect from a free image editor.

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