Creation of a Video Game with No Knowledge: Genre Selection and Character Creation

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Today, I embark on a quest to create a video game, but where does one start? I believe that a game begins with an idea and is built upon until a final product is ready. So, the first task that I am giving myself is to decide on a genre.

For anyone that has visited Mini Fortress, you’ll probably already know that platformers are some of my favourite video games, so to keep things familiar; I’m going to attempt to make a side-scrolling platformer. I want to keep things as basic as possible going forward, and I envision that sticking to the core mechanics of a platformer will keep me in line.

In saying that, my goal is to create a game where the goal is to get from Point A to Point B, a mostly linear experience. There will be jumping, pitfalls, moving platforms, spikes, enemies, collectibles, and some sort of level exit. It won’t get much more complex than what I’ve just described. Will there be one hit deaths, boss fights, and bonus areas? Those are all ideas I’m toying with, but nothing I’ve decided on as of yet. Now that I have a genre and some basic rules to follow, I want to create my main character next.


A simple Bipedal Mech Created with for this project.

Let me start by saying that I am definitely not an artist, but I will be trying to create all the art myself. One thing that I struggle with is drawing human characters; it’s something I’ve always been quite shit at actually. So, while trying to draw a humanoid sprite, I stumbled onto the bipedal mech you see above, one that I am quite happy with actually. However, I didn’t want an empty, soulless mech, instead, I wanted to add some personality. That’s why you see a little, pink, blob-like character sitting in the cockpit, but why is he sitting there? Well, to explain why this character is controlling a mech about four times his size, I came up with a little back-story.

This unnamed character is fond of jumping and stomping on things. Puddles, insects, and just about anything he can easily crush with his feet. One day, he stumbled upon a giant button and couldn’t resist stomping it into oblivion. After stomping the button, the land collapsed from underneath him and he fell on a circular saw that cut his legs clean off. Now, with no legs, it is impossible for him to enjoy his favourite pastime. He seeks out an inventor to create a bipedal mech capable of jumping and stomping, partly so he can continue stomping on everything in sight, but mostly to discover why such a devious button would even exist.

There you have it; I created a reason for the mech to exist and a motive – one that I’ll expand upon as the process continues – for completing the game.

Now that I’ve selected a genre and created a character, it’s time to make him walk and jump using the power of Construct 2. I’ll take you through that process in the next entry of this journey.

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