Jump Trials Review

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Jump Trials Review

I stumbled upon Jump Trials during a search for cheap games on the Nintendo eShop. I watched the video provided and was convinced that I’d enjoy the game. It was released on November 15, 2012 and comes from a developer known as G-Style. The game only costs $1.99, and contains the core elements of what make platformers, well, platformers.

jumptrials_screen1The game’s main mode is Trials Mode, which features 100 simplistic arcade-like stages. You start off with the most basic platforming challenges at Level 10 and work your way up to the last level, Level 1. Your main objective in every level of trials mode is to jump on the pink switch; however, first, you must jump over a variety of obstacles. Each level contains 10 different stages that introduce you to new obstacles like icy floors, disappearing blocks, and spikes. The first few stages are easy to let you learn the basics of each obstacle, while the latter stages become much more challenging. Sticking to the theme of 10, each stage must be completed in less than 10 seconds.

In Jump Trials, you control a nameless stickman with only two moves in their repertoire: walking, and jumping. Walking is done simply enough with the D-Pad while jumping is accomplished with the A button. It will take a few stages to get the hang of the controls, mainly because the stickman’s movement is a little slow and the jumping feels a little heavy. You can change directions while jumping, but the stickman falls fast so you’ll have to judge accordingly. After a few stages, I became a platforming master, but the controls still played a small role in my failure during some of the game’s harder stages. Jumping with precision will be the key to clearing many of this game’s obstacles.

For the most part, Jump Trials is an extremely easy title, but as I mentioned above, there will be some tricky stages. Regardless, I had a lot of fun with Jump Trials, especially in the game’s Challenge Mode. In this mode, you are challenged to collect three medals (bronze, silver, and gold) and jump on the switch before the timer expires. While it isn’t necessary that you collect all three medals, you will be rewarded with a golden crown if you do. Getting the gold crowns on every level is much more challenging than completing the main game, and twice as fun. Levels will only become available when they are completed in Trials Mode.

jumptrials_screen2Visually, Jump Trials continues its bare necessities approach with very simplistic graphics. The main character is a stickman and it doesn’t really get much more basic than that. The levels are comprised of generic looking platforms and obstacles, as well as bland backgrounds. It would have been nice if G-Style cranked up the presentation factor a little bit. Sound wise, there isn’t a whole lot to say. There are only a few tracks, all of which are OK, but they repeat often. Again, it would have been nice to see G-Style put a little more effort into the non-gameplay aspects of its game.

Final Thoughts:

Jump Trials is a fun, yet bare-boned platformer that challenges you to overcome its obstacles without becoming too frustrating. Its simplistic approach definitely works in its favour, but more effort in the visuals and soundtrack would be welcomed. Jump Trials will take just a little over two hours to fully complete, which amounts to about a dollar an hour. I’d recommended this to fans of the platformer genre, especially if you’re looking for a pick-up-and-play experience.

7.5/10 – Good

Purchased on the Nintendo eShop

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