Five Nintendo Franchises that Need to Make a Comeback

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As we all know, Nintendo owns some of the most iconic video game franchises in the industry. However, some of their older franchises have been poorly mistreated, or worse, forgotten. A cameo, remake, or spin-off won’t suffice; these franchises need a new entry in their respective series. So, which five Nintendo franchises need to make a comeback?

Star Fox

Star Fox_title

Sure, Nintendo fans just received Star Fox 64 3D, a remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, but that’s not good enough. The last entry in the series was Star Fox Command and that was nearly seven years ago, however, it’s been even longer since Star Fox Assault, which came out in 2005 on the GameCube. Even worse, the franchise was skipped over entirely on the Wii, and for that reason, it desperately needs to make a comeback.

A Nintendo 3DS Star Fox game could be glorious, but I feel the series would benefit the most if the game came to Wii U. Flying through a high-definition version of the Lylat System, and gameplay akin to Star Fox 64 would be an incredible experience. Wii U specific features such as Miiverse functionality, off-TV play, and other Wii U GamePad features would be welcomed additions. A Star Fox Wii U game could also introduce DLC and online multiplayer.

Ice Climber

Ice Climber

At first glance, an Ice Climber game might not seem like a great choice for a big comeback, but I think Nintendo can make a sequel work. Should Nintendo stick to the arcade-style gameplay from the original? They could, and it would benefit from the technical aspects of the modern era including fancier graphics and improved gameplay. If Nintendo really wanted to make an impact, they would take Ice Climber in a different direction, similar to how they handled the return of Kid Icarus.

There is potential in a 3D action-adventure style game that would see gamers gaining control of either Popo or Nana to climb a variety of mountains. They could fend off enemies, and learn different techniques to help them scale each mountain. Staying true to the original, each mountain could certainly be its own level. Of course, gamers would greatly benefit from the help of a second player in the cooperative mode. This could be the definitive experience as players could work together using special tag team maneuvers to overcome tough obstacles, or reach previously inaccessible areas.



Similar to the Star Fox situation, F-Zero was last seen on the GameCube and skipped over on Wii. In fact, it’s actually been nearly 10 years since its release in 2003. Unlike Star Fox, however, Captain Falcon and crew weren’t lucky enough to see a handheld release, or remake. It’s time for Nintendo to bring this frantic, futuristic racer back to the hands of Nintendo fans.

I wouldn’t want F-Zero to change much, so Nintendo could just give us new tracks, high-definition – or 3D – graphics, online play, and a rocking soundtrack guaranteed to give “eargasms.” I wouldn’t be opposed to a few changes, but keeping the game mostly the same would work best, at least in my opinion.

Wave Race


Again, another Nintendo franchise gets passed over for a Wii release, and also last seen on the GameCube. Wave Race has deep roots in the Nintendo family, so it’s a shame to see the franchise being ignored. Well, there was Power Cruising in Wii Sports Resort, but Wave Race it was not.

I’d handle this by using the aforementioned F-Zero plan; new tracks, upgraded visuals, and online play are must have elements to make Wave Race’s comeback successful. Also, one important thing that Wave Race does that many games don’t is emit a charm that many games fail to achieve. The enthusiastic announcer, playful dolphins, and realistic waves all need to be aboard a new Wave Race game.



Admittedly, I think the chances are low for a new StarTropics game, however, out of all the games on this list, I believe this franchise has the most potential. Faithful NES gamers will have no problem recognizing StarTropics and its main yo-yo flinging protagonist, but it may be a bit too obscure for others. Luckily, we have the Nintendo eShop for these types of situations.

In my opinion, Nintendo should keep the overhead, tile-based gameplay from the original game. The restrictive, tile-based gameplay was a unique and memorable element from StarTropics, and it’s one that most fans seem to enjoy. StarTropics also has the potential to have an “Ocarina of Time” of its own. Seeing as how StarTropics does have similarities to Zelda, it’s possible that Nintendo could completely revamp the series by making it a 3D action-adventure game.


Which Nintendo franchises do you think need to make a comeback?

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