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goonybannerGoony Review

Developed by Moragami, Goony is an arcade-style video game that challenges you to guide Goony – a jelly-like creature – down an infinite, randomly generated road full of dangerous obstacles.

When you start up the game, you are thrown directly into the action as there is no title screen. Don’t fret; the game won’t actually start until you move Goony. To move Goony, press left or right on the D-Pad, then watch him climb down the blocky road, reminiscent of the always amazing, Slinky. Your goal is to last as long as possible, and to do this you must avoid enemies and falling in the lava. Colliding with an enemy will cause Goony to devolve to weaker ball-like states, and if this happens three times, Goony is toast.

Goony_ss2Goony will build momentum if you continue downwards uninterrupted; however, if the action gets too fast, landing on an oil slick will slow things down. You can also get some assistance from the coins and buttons that can be found on the road. If Goony is in his main state, collecting ten coins will transform him into an airplane, and another ten will change him into a UFO. These transformations will allow Goony to skip safely over a portion of the road, for a limited time. Collecting ten coins will also return Goony to a more powerful state, should he be nearly dead. Coins are also used as a form of checkpoint, meaning the more coins you collect, the closer to your place of death you will spawn. match I also briefly mentioned buttons, and these can be semi-useful. Yellow buttons will change enemies into coins, blue buttons will freeze certain enemies, and the green button will automatically guide Goony down a safe path.

At its core, Goony is a simple, but addictive DSiWare game, despite its many flaws. For example, each time you play, the course you try to overcome is automatically generated, but the roads it creates can be downright hell. Sometimes the course will be too crowded, while other times it will lead you directly into the lava via a “conveniently” placed coin path. This is frustrating as your objective is to get as far as possible, but the game seems to enjoy stacking together the most difficult course possible. I have also noticed that shortly after 300 steps, the game seems to flip a switch and become painfully difficult.

Goony_ss1Difficulty aside, Goony is still a fun and addictive title, especially if you happen to generate a course that plays fair. I also credit the game’s replay value to its one infectious theme song that just melts my brain with its retro charm. As for Goony’s visuals, they have a generic retro flair, but they do work well for this game.

If you want to get more out of Goony, you can edit blocks with the game’s block editor, and share them via QR codes. I did create some to share with you, but I can’t seem to find them on my SD card at the moment, so stay tuned.

Final Thoughts:

Goony delights when its randomly generated courses play fair, but frustrates when it forces you to overcome its version of hell. I try to put the title down, but I end up coming back to try to top my previous score, which currently stands at 730 steps; I also find myself returning for its brilliant theme song. Goony is $1.99 (200 Points) on the Nintendo eShop, and can be an enjoyable experience, if you’re dealt the right hand.

7/10 – Good

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