10 Most Wanted Newcomers for the New Super Smash Bros. Game

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10 Most Wanted Newcomers for the new Super Smash Bros. Game



It’s time for Toad to be a fighter in the Smash Bros. series, and why not? He has adventured alongside the Mario Bros. a few times and has proved to be a valuable asset. Toad does have a few unique characteristics that could easily translate into special moves. Toad is strong and fast – as seen in Super Mario Bros. 2 – which could let him pluck and throw vegetables at blinding speeds. Toad’s mushroom cap could also make for a devastating headbutt attack.



Wanting Mii characters in Super Smash Bros. will likely be an unpopular choice amongst fans, but including them makes a lot of sense. As Super Smash Bros. is a giant conglomeration of Nintendo franchises, Miis should be in the new Super Smash Bros. game to represent the Wii era. Whether Nintendo lets you import your own Miis, or forces you to use a Mii representative of their choosing (Nikki please), their inclusion is important to tell the complete history of Nintendo. As for their special moves, I would borrow heavily from Wii Sports, meaning tennis rackets, boxing gloves, bowling balls, and everything else from Wii Sports, excluding motion controls, of course.

King K. Rool


The Donkey Kong series is in desperate need of a villain to balance the Super Smash Bros. roster, and King K. Rool is the perfect choice. He battled the Kongs throughout the SNES era, again in Donkey Kong 64, and multiple times in spinoff games. King K. Rool’s move set could come from elements across all three Super Nintendo games. He could use his crown like a boomerang, whip out a cannon-like blunderbuss to shoot cannonballs, and use his trusty helicopter pack to avoid falling to his death.



Just as King K. Rool is needed to oppose the Kongs in Super Smash Bros., Ridley is needed to oppose Samus Aran. Fans have been salivating at the thought of competing with Ridley for too long, and if he isn’t added to the roster this time, someone isn’t paying attention. Ridley was technically in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but only as a boss character during The Subspace Emissary, which only disappointed fans. It’s time, Nintendo, give us the fire breathing, claw swiping, sky diving Space Pirate.

Little Mac


Little Mac may have appeared as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but his boxing prowess could make him an interesting playable character. Instead of fanciful special moves, Little Mac could pack a punch with powerful hooks, uppercuts, and knuckle smashing combos. To make Little Mac an even more interesting character, eliminate kicking from his repertoire.

Mega Man


If any third-party character makes it to the roster of the new Super Smash Bros. game, it should be Mega Man. When thinking about the history of Nintendo, Mega Man is just as important to the NES as any of Nintendo’s own games. He could be a serious combatant with the use of his slide and Mega Buster attacks, plus it would make sense for him to borrow the abilities of his opponents – yes, just like Kirby.



Waluigi is my dark horse pick, because I think his chances of joining the roster are slim. The main reason I think he has any chance of joining the roster, is because he’s been a rival of Luigi’s since Mario Tennis, and 2013 is the Year of Luigi, after all. Nintendo could draw upon his appearances in the Mario sports games for a move set, which should definitely include a tennis racket as a nod to his debut. Another of Waluigi’s most intriguing powers is the ability to summon thorny vines to use like a whip, or as a protective wall, as seen in Mario Strikers Charged.



Other than Toon Link – if he actually counts – The Legend of Zelda hasn’t injected new blood into the roster since Super Smash Bros. Melee. Of course, it also makes sense to include Ghirahim as Nintendo likes to include elements from a recent game from the Zelda series. As seen in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Ghirahim is a tricky swordsman that can also wield magical, red diamonds. Both of these elements could make him an awesome addition to the series.

Mike Jones


Much like Pit, Mike Jones could receive a surprise revival in the new Super Smash Bros. game. Hardcore Nintendo fans have not forgotten about Mike Jones – protagonist of the StarTropics games – and would likely get excited to see him on the roster. Obviously, Mike would bring his trusty yo-yo to the fray, but he also has a large list of other weapons he could bring. Besides the yo-yo, a baseball and baseball bat would be the next obvious choices, mainly because we know that Mike is an ace pitcher. It would also be cool to see Mike bring over his spike shoes – most likely meant to be cleats – to stomp on enemies with extra “oomph”.

Samurai Goroh


I’m choosing Samurai Goroh because he is a long-time nemesis of Captain Falcon, and F-Zero desperately needs a villainous representative on the Super Smash Bros. roster. Although he has a large frame, Samurai Goroh is quite agile, which would make him a great opponent against the speedy falcon. Plus, Samurai Goroh wields a katana, with which I’m sure he can do a lot of damage.

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