Crystal Adventure Review

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Crystal Adventure Review


Crystal Adventure was released on the DSiWare service on December 6, 2012 and published by Circle Entertainment. Crystal Adventure is an Action-adventure game – heavy on adventure and light on action – with RPG elements that features an overhead view.

crystaladventure_ss1The story of Crystal Adventure isn’t told as you play through the game, instead it appears in the game’s manual. I’m usually a fan of this method, but the game’s story is boring. Crystal Adventure is about a bounty hunter that has been hired to investigate a tower that may, or may not exist. The bounty hunter is sent to seek out this tower based on a rumor that says a sorcerer is collecting magic crystals for – and I’m not kidding when I write this – “some reason.” When you reach the tower, you discover that monsters are trying to summon a powerful demon, and of course, it’s up to you to defeat the demon. In a nutshell, the story is much too generic – a word that sums up the entirety of this game quite well, actually.

You control the bounty hunter in Crystal Adventure, and your objective is to progress through the tower until you reach the summoned demon. Generally, you clear the tower one floor at a time; however, there are times when you will need to travel between floors to work around some obstacles. Of course, the tower is littered with enemies, but you don’t actively attack, instead Crystal Adventure focuses on passive, auto-battles that initiate upon touching an enemy. The auto-battles are quite fine with me, personally, but due to this game’s poor overall design, they definitely don’t do any favours for Crystal Adventure.

As I was saying, once you touch an enemy, an auto-battle will begin. You will win said battle if your bounty hunter is strong enough to endure the enemy’s attack. You gain experience as you defeat monsters, and will level up after acquiring a specific number of experience points. Levelling your character is comparable to any standard RPG. Your HP, strength, and defense will increase making it possible to fight stronger enemies. As easy as that sounds, there is a fundamental flaw that makes advancing through Crystal Adventure quite difficult.

Trial and error plays a huge part in Crystal Adventure, and if you’re not sure of what enemies to attack (or items to collect) early on, then it’s very likely that you will die. In fact, with the game’s auto-save feature, it’s possible to make an error that keeps you from advancing further in the game. The auto-save will activate after traveling between floors, and if you’ve already used all the available – and limited – life potions, then you’re left with an unplayable game.

crystaladventure_ss2This happened to me twice – causing me to restart the game – before I realized that I needed to cautiously pick which enemies to attack, and which ones to leave alone. Knowing is only half the battle as the gameplay is repetitive and boring. I did manage to struggle my way to the end, only to be met with one of the worst endings in video game history.

For those that are still curious, there are additional health, strength, and defense upgrades that can be found (and bought) for your bounty hunter that will make the ordeal a little less frustrating – sadly; it doesn’t make the game any less boring.

On top of poor gameplay mechanics and a less than thrilling story, Crystal Adventure sports generic art and music, as well. The graphics remind me of those early 90s PC games that had zero soul and passion. The music is even less impressive, grating away at your eardrums as you play through the game.

Final Thoughts:

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend Crystal Adventure to anyone, even at its $1.99 price point. Crystal Adventure feels incomplete, almost like it was never even played by game testers. Quite frankly, I’m surprised that Nintendo is letting this one sit on the virtual shelves of the Nintendo eShop.

2/10 – Awful

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  • Matt S

    This is one of the Circle games that the Australian DSiWare store has not been inflicted with. Given the quality of all of its other games, though, this seems about right.

    Good review!

    • MF_Parko

      Thank you.

      This was my least favourite Circle Ent experience. Their other titles are above this one in every way.