No, This is not a “Sanity Effect,” Precursor Games to Temporarily Shut Down Crowdfunding for Shadow of the Eternals

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A once promising project – the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness – Shadow of the Eternals has had its crowdfunding plug pulled by Precursor Games. You read that right, after weeks of pushing the game, Precursor Games has suspended (starting June 6) its crowdfunding efforts for the game. However, for those still interested, they are retooling their campaign and will reboot their efforts in a few weeks, bringing with it a promise to reveal “new developments.”

Ultimately, the project failed to get consumers excited, managing to drum up only 10% (roughly) of its goal since opening its Kickstarter campaign, so I’m not sure this retooling will change anything. Also, it seems as if fans are holding onto a grudge brought on by this article from Kotaku. If the accusations from that article are indeed true, then why should fans of Eternal Darkness have to get mixed up in all this nonsense? I’ll tell you why: Eternal Darkness fans have been begging for a sequel to the GameCube classic, so Precursor Games may have felt justified in plucking at their heart strings to raise the cash.

My own suspicions were raised when Precursor Games decided to run with two active campaigns, both asking for over a million dollars. To me, that seemed to be just a tad overkill, and I questioned it as a tactic.

I’m not going to throw around any additionaly accusations of my own, but at this point, maybe it’s best to leave Eternal Darkness in the shadows.

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