Bike Rider DX Review (Nintendo 3DS eShop)

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Bike Rider DX Review


Bike Rider DX – developed by Lireneosoft and published by Spicysoft – recently cycled onto the Nintendo eShop. Bike Rider DX doesn’t feature a story, but it doesn’t need one; instead, Bike Rider DX is about mastering a one-button control scheme and enjoying its challenging gameplay.

You play as a stickman riding a bike as levels continuously scroll forward. While the rider’s pedaling is automatic, you do have some control over his actions. You must jump (performed by pressing A) to avoid a variety of obstacles, and move right and left to adjust your position. Bike Rider DX is extremely easy to control, ensuring gamers of all experience levels have the ability to jump in and start playing.

BikeRiderDX_Screen1There are two main modes in Bike Rider DX: World Tour and Grand Prix. World Tour can be thought of as the game’s “Story Mode” as it features level-based progression, culminating with the game’s ending credits. World Tour features 50 levels across ten locations. You’ll bike across the icy land of Antarctica, through the crowded streets of New York, and eight other locations based on the real world. Each location features five levels that gradually increase in difficulty as you progress, with a goal of reaching the flagpole at the end of level.

The level design in World Tour is exemplary when compared to other games of the endless runner variety. As you progress through the game, the difficulty slowly increases and the game continuously introduces new obstacles that will challenge you until the end. It never becomes too frustrating because you will constantly learn the techniques needed to be successful.

While getting to the end of the stage is the ultimate goal, there are still other things to see and do. Each stage holds three coins that can be collected, and once you collect a specific number of coins, you’ll begin to unlock even more levels. Getting all three coins can be a challenge, especially when you come across levels that feature multiple paths, some of which are cleverly hidden. Also, the game features three power-ups (speed boost, triple jump, and glider) that must be mastered if you want to collect every single coin.

So, that was just the game’s World Tour mode, there’s still a Grand Prix mode for those that want even more Bike Rider DX. Grand Prix mode operates more like the endless runner games you’ve probably played on various flash-based gaming sites. Grand Prix mode challenges you to bike as far as possible without dying. Your course is randomly generated each time you play, essentially giving you even more levels to play. You can also compete locally with friends to get the highest score on the Grand Prix leaderboard.

BikeRiderDX_Screen2Bike Rider DX features simple sprites in the foreground, and well-drawn, layered backgrounds. The game takes advantage of layers to create a convincing stereoscopic 3D effect. In fact, I believe it’s one of the better uses of 3D on the Nintendo 3DS. My only complaint would be that the graphics are a tad generic looking compared to other Nintendo eShop games.

Lastly, Bike Rider DX features an awesome soundtrack composed by a Japanese studio known as SUPER SWEEP. I really enjoyed its fast-paced, electronic sound and have been listening to it all day.

Final Thoughts:

Bike Rider DX is a great game, especially for those looking for simple, fast-paced, and fun platforming action. It shines with great level design, an impressive soundtrack, and lots of challenge across two modes. While the game’s World Tour will likely take most gamers around two hours to complete, there are achievements to be found, coins to be collected, and bonus levels to master. The game is available now on Nintendo 3DS eShop for $5.99.

8.5/10 – Great

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  • Eric Weichhart

    Now I want to buy the game! XP

    Maybe with the next prepaid card, I will buy M&L Dream Team so I will have 10 bucks free.

    • MF_Parko

      It really is a great game, though I can see it not being for everyone. But I guess that could be said about every video game, eh?

      Thank you for your comment!

  • Eric Weichhart

    I want Bike Rider DX

  • Kemar Rampaul

    I want Bike Rider DX

  • dkanddiddy

    Grand Prix mode sounds like something I would revisit and replay a lot to beat my high scores (like Bird & Beans)

    I want Bike Rider DX.

    • MF_Parko

      I’m trying to surpass 10,000m, but my highest so far is a little over 7,000. Grand Prix is definitely fun!

  • @Newleaflucas

    I want Bike Rider DX

  • BoBiinsky Hayashi

    I want Bike Rider DX. (◠‿◠)

  • Enrique Herrera

    I want Bike Rider DX! :D Don’t you?

  • Mary Rodriguez

    I want Bike Rider DX, looks cute, like me! ;3

  • Rial Evans

    I want Bike Rider DX

  • Cuddly_Cacturne

    I want Bike Rider DX