Mighty Switch Force 2 Review

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Mighty Switch Force 2 Review


Back for another round of puzzle solving, block switching and platforming is Patricia Wagon in Mighty Switch Force! 2, sequel to the instant Nintendo eShop classic, Mighty Switch Force!

mightyswitchforce2_ss5This time around, instead of seeking and arresting the Hooligan sisters, Patricia Wagon has a bigger problem… fire. Planet Land has spontaneously combusted, and as part of the Galactic Fire Brigade, it’s up to Patricia Wagon to wield the Infinity Dousing Apparatus to put out the flames, and rescue the reformed Hooligan sisters.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 plays similar to its predecessor, in fact, the general gameplay structure is identical. On every level, you must save five of the Hooligan sisters, and then reach the end goal. Of course, each level still challenges gamers to finish under the Par Time set by WayForward, and block switching is back and just as inviting as before. In addition to the game’s structure, controlling Patricia Wagon is once again a breeze with some of the tightest controls seen in a platformer. However, its differences are what make Mighty Switch Force! 2 superior to the first adventure.

Instead of a Pellet Gun, Patty Wagon is sporting a water gun, also known as the Infinity Dousing Apparatus. This dousing apparatus must be used to put out flames blocking Patty’s path. While most of the time these flames are a minor obstacle, there are some blocks that can reignite, forcing you to act quickly. Patty’s new water gun is also used often to solve some of the game’s new types of puzzles, and to defeat enemies, of course.

Puzzles combine the best of the block switching mechanic with new types of pipe blocks that can carry water along a path. This is useful for clearing the stage of the new muddy blocks – which must be sprayed to be eliminated – or for defeating certain enemies.

Level design in Mighty Switch Force! 2 has been improved, being brilliantly crafted to balance the block switching and water elements. Combined, both of these elements make for more interesting, and challenging puzzles. Also, I find it more challenging to beat some of the game’s par times, which I believe is a testament to the complexity of the level design.

mightyswitchforce2_ss3If you’re looking for something to do other than beating the game’s par times, Mighty Switch Force! 2 has an “Ugly Secret Baby” hidden on every level. Most are easily obtainable, but a few of them will definitely challenge every technique you know.

Graphically, the game looks identical to Mighty Switch Force!, which isn’t a bad thing considering WayForward is one of the best when it comes to 2D sprite art. One thing in particular that I noticed was the art for one of the game’s final stages. This level was absolutely gorgeous and I wish more of that particular style was used throughout the game.

For its soundtrack, WayForward has again called upon Jake Kaufman (a.k.a. Virt) for the job. While I enjoyed the first soundtrack, I feel the soundtrack for Mighty Switch Force! 2 is some of Mr. Kaufman’s best work. The style is the same, but the trance-like music is more catchier and ear pleasing than before.

Final Thoughts:

If you’ve played and enjoyed Mighty Switch Force!, then Mighty Switch Force! 2 is a must buy. In fact, I recommend Mighty Switch Force! 2 to newcomers over the original because of its superior level design, and soundtrack. Whether or not WayForward adds new content like they did with Mighty Switch Force!, Mighty Switch Force! 2 is worth every dollar, especially if you enjoy beating the game’s par times.

8/10 – Great

Purchased on the Nintendo eShop

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