Wakedas Review (Nintendo 3DS eShop)

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Wakedas Review


Puzzle games and handheld devices go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise to see Circle Entertainment bring Wakedas to the Nintendo 3DS. Developed by FK Digital – the developer of Witch & Hero – Wakedas (pronounced Wa-Ke-Da-Su) means let’s separate it. Combining the meaning of both “WAKE”, which stands for a separation of some sort in Japan, and “DAS,” an auxiliary word often used with cube games, you get the color separation puzzle game known as Wakedas.

wakedas-nintendo-3ds-eshopWakedas is an easy to learn puzzle game that challenges the player to separate and match colors on a grid-like board. The concept can be compared to that of solving a Rubik’s Cube. There are 300 puzzles in the game, separated into three levels; 100 3×3 puzzles, 100 4×4 puzzles, and 100 5×5 puzzles.

To solve a Wakedas puzzle, players must make sure that each color is separated and placed beside a matching color. Each puzzle is separated into blocks and always has at least two colors, though more colors are introduced as you play. To match these colors, players must slide portions of the grid, horizontally and/or vertically, using a simple swipe of the stylus. In fact, the game is played exclusively on the touchscreen.

Wakedas starts off easy, but gradually increases as you work your way toward the 300th puzzle. To keep things interesting – and definitely challenging – new types of blocks are introduced. You’ll encounter blocks that are separated into different colored triangles, blocks that are locked and cannot be moved, as well as blocks that rotate as you slide the puzzle. These additional elements keep Wakedas fresh and fun throughout the entirety of your experience.

As I mentioned above, Wakedas gameplay takes place entirely on the touchscreen, but there are images displayed on the 3D screen, as well. These images add a little extra to the presentation, but add nothing to the actual gameplay. Plus, despite being displayed on the 3D screen, the 3D effect is disabled entirely. The visuals on the touchscreen are simple, but colorful and effective for a puzzle game. Tying the entire package together is a soothing soundtrack that encourages mental clarity.

Final Thoughts:

Wakedas is a challenging, but fun puzzle game that I believe fans of puzzle games will enjoy. The amount of time you put into the game is dependent upon how long it takes you to solve each individual puzzle. In my experience, most puzzles took me around a minute to solve, but there are plenty that take much longer. For just $2.99 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, it’s hard to ignore the value that Wakedas gives to gamers.

8.5/10 – Great

Review copy provided by Circle Entertainment

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