Nintendo Power Article Archive – Volume 163: e-Reader NES Games

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Welcome to the first edition of the Nintendo Power Article Archive. This archive will capture the Nintendo Power spirit forever by adding a number of articles from its impressive library of literature. For the first edition of the Nintendo Power Article Archive, I’ve chosen to take a look back at one of Nintendo’s more obscure pieces of technology from Volume 163. I’m talking about the e-Reader for the Game Boy Advance.


The e-Reader is an interesting piece of technology, though it didn’t seem to catch on as Nintendo had hoped. The idea behind the e-Reader was to allow gamers the ability to scan data, via Dot Code Technology, into games on their Game Boy Advances and Nintendo GameCubes to access additional content. Looking back at it now, one could say it was an early take on DLC. While additional content was indeed an intriguing concept, most fans missed the boat, which is a shame because Super Mario Bros. 3 received brand new levels through a set of cards for the Super Mario Advance 4 remake. I’ve actually even held the cards in my hands, though the kid I stole them from never had an e-Reader.

Additional content wasn’t the only card that Nintendo played at the time as they gave gamers access to older Nintendo games. Perhaps it was even Nintendo’s first shot at a “virtual console.” NES games like Excitebike and Ice Climbers were made available, amongst 11 others. Regardless, you came here to read some classic Nintendo Power, so here you go. Some decent scans of an article exploring the elusive e-Reader.

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