Gomba 3DS Prototyping Tool Coming Soon from Hugo Smits

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Hugo Smits of Goodbye Galaxy Games (developer behind the excellent Tappingo) contacted me to share information regarding his Gomba software, a tool for create 3DS prototypes.

Gomba actually started life as indi3DS, a tool that was created to compile Hugo’s scripting language to rapidly test his 3DS prototypes. Continuing with indi3DS would have been a huge project and Hugo decided to focus on making games instead. However, indi3DS will now exist as Gomba with features to help 3DS developers quickly create prototypes for their 3DS games.

Gomba seems to be a fantastic tool that offers a game engine, level editor, simulator, and a C-like scripting language and debugger. The game engine is created around tile-based logic, a popular style for retro adventure and puzzle games. Of course, tile-based – characters move one tile at a time – logic is a limited, but should be great for those thinking of ideas that use similar mechanics.

On top of this, Hugo has said that inexperienced developers should be able to develop a small game in about an hour, whereas those experienced in programming languages (mainly C) can “go nuts” with C-like script.

Hugo will release a beta of the tool soon with conversion to Flash also on his plate.

Keep in mind, this is not a game or software to be used on the Nintendo 3DS, but rather to create for the handheld.

You can check out a more detailed explanation of the software over on Hugo’s blog.

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  • http://www.digitallydownloaded.net/ Matt S

    I really don’t understand what this is meant to be for… is it so people can build their own 3DS games and get them published on the console? Is it purely for entertainment or education purposes?

    • Parko

      From my understanding, it’s meant to be a tool that developers can use to build prototypes for 3DS games with ease. It can be used to create full 3DS games, though that isn’t the intended use of Gomba. It doesn’t seem to be for entertainment purposes, however, it could be educational for novice developers.