Micro Machines Meets Mario Kart in the Upcoming Super Toy Cars

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Not a final trailer

Super Toy Cars is a tabletop racing game that will remind people of the excellent NES game, Micro Machines from Codemasters. Players get to choose from 16 toy cars to race across 12 tracks built from everyday objects. Like Mario Kart, players will also get to pick up power-ups to blast away the competition.

Super Toy Cars looks to offer fans a career mode with 48 events (not all events are races), four-player local multiplayer, eight-player online multiplayer, and a track editor to build and share your own tracks.

The game is already available through Steam Early Access for $6.99, but will also make its way to the Wii U.

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  • http://chalgyrsgameroom.blogspot.com/ Chalgyr

    Nothing at all wrong with that particular premise. But me? I want the real Mario Kart. Very excited for it at the tail end of this month!

    • http://www.minifortress.com/ MF_Parko

      I will keep my eye on this game that’s for sure, but in the meantime, we’ll have to race each other in Mario Kart 8 at the end of May! You can find my profile by following the Miiverse link above, or you can also send a direct friend request to me at Parko_MF !