Turtle Tale Wii U Closing in on Completion

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Edward of Saturnine Games was kind enough to send over some screenshots of the Wii U version of Turtle Tale.


The 3DS version has been approved by Nintendo of America and a release date should be announced soon. On the other hand, Nintendo of Europe seems to be lagging behind. In the meantime, Saturnine Games has been hard at work on the Wii U version of Turtle Tale and could be submitted to Nintendo as early as the end of April 2014.


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  • Living Proof

    This is honestly one of the ugliest-looking games I have seen in a long, long time. I couldn’t even see this thing on an iPhone circa 2009; it looks like a flash game from the early ’90s. It just screams of cheapness; clipart-quality graphics, awful color choices, and (likely) terrible animations. This isn’t the only ugly indie game I’ve seen on the way to the eShop, either.

    I’m worried that Nintendo might have opened the gates a little too wide for indie developers, and isn’t stepping in to politely decline garbage such as this, that “Earth Day” edutainment game, and a few others that come to mind. In their haste to allow smaller developers to get in on the action much like their competition has, they’re not abiding by the ol’ seal of quality. And it should be enforced: this kind of game is going to draw criticism and embarrassment, if only due to its appearance– no matter how good the actual game is itself.

    • http://www.minifortress.com/ MF_Parko

      I can’t help but agree with a lot of things you’ve said. There are a lot of games with questionable quality showing up on the Nintendo eShop. I think this whole flood started with the DSiWare service, which holds more than its share of shovelware and cheap cash-ins.