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About Mini Fortress

Here at Mini Fortress, we strive to bring you quality, concise Nintendo news which includes coverage of the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo eShop. Our primary focus is to provide you the highest quality Nintendo news around, so we won’t be posting every single tidbit that surfaces. We also have strong feelings about rumors not being considered newsworthy; we promise to never become a useless rumor mill because the majority of rumors tend to be false.

In addition to serving you quality video game news, Mini Fortress will also put a focus on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo eShop, and eventually, Wii U video game reviews. Are you on the fence when it comes to your next video game purchase? Our reviews are designed to give you information to help make that purchase easier. Click here for more information about Mini Fortress video game reviews.

In addition to being a Nintendo news and reviews website, Mini Fortress will also provide original content created specifically for MiniFortress.com, this will include reviews for retro video games.