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Wii U Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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Wii U Holiday Gift Guide 2013

New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U Wii U Deluxe Bundle

Price: $299.99 – For every gamer

wii-u-deluxe-bundle-with-new-super-mario-bros-uIf you’re planning to buy a Wii U this holiday season, the New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U Wii U Deluxe Bundle is the package for you. You get two excellent Super Mario games – New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U – and Nintendo’s new HD console. While there are three major consoles on the market right now, this particular Wii U bundle provides consumers the best value.



Here are some other Wii U bundles that might interest you:

Limited Edition The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Wii U Deluxe Bundle

Skylanders: Swap Force Wii U Basic Bundle

Super Mario 3D World

Price: $59.99 – For the Super Mario fanatic

super-mario-3d-world-box-artWithout a shadow of doubt, Super Mario 3D World is the best Wii U game to date. It builds on the formula first seen in Super Mario 3D Land by adding awesome new power-ups – including the fun and adorable Cat Suit – and cooperative multiplayer for up to four players. Plus, there’s plenty of content to find with Miiverse stamps and green stars littered around just about every level, and some interesting things to do after completing the game.




Pikmin 3

Price: $59.99 – For the strategic gamer

News_Pikmin3Box_01The Pikmin series made its long awaited return earlier this year on the Wii U. Pikmin 3 introduces new types of Pikmin to the series and utilizes the Wii U GamePad to streamline gameplay. In addition to gameplay enhancements, Pikmin 3 showcases the true graphical power of Nintendo’s HD console. Pikmin 3 also offers multiplayer with its two-player Bingo Battle mode and even more gameplay with Mission Mode, which extends gameplay even further with downloadable content.





The Wonderful 101

Price: $59.99 – For the action loving gamer

the-wonderful-101-box-artBrought to Wii U by Platinum Games – developer of MadWorld and Bayonetta – The Wonderful 101 brings fast-paced, action oriented gameplay to the Wii U. Take control of 100 superheroes to take down alien invaders known as GEATHJERK. The Wonderful 101 lets players create larger than life objects using the Wii U GamePad to help them make GEATHJERK an afterthought.





The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Price $49.99 – For the adventurous gamer

the-legend-of-zelda-the-wind-waker-hd-box-artOne of the GameCube’s finest masterpieces returns to the Wii U with an amazing HD facelift. However, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD also brings significant improvements to the game’s tedious sailing mechanics and the notorious Triforce quest. The remake also adds a new item that lets gamers interact with Nintendo’s Miiverse, a social network for Nintendo gamers.





Nintendo Land

Price: $29.99 – For the whole family

nintendoland_boxartNintendo Land has 12 mini-games based on Nintendo properties, including a variety of multiplayer games that support up to five players. While you can still get Nintendo Land in a Wii U bundle, if you take my above advice, then you’d need to buy this game separately – that is, if you want this game. Luckily, Nintendo recently dropped its price to $29.99, which makes it an attraction purchase for new Wii U owners.





DuckTales Remastered

Price: $19.99 – For the retro gamer

ducktales-remastered-wii-u-box-artDuckTales for the NES has become a favourite amongst gamers throughout the years and now it’s back in this brand new remake. DuckTales Remastered gives DuckTales new life with gorgeous, hand drawn artwork by WayForward and voice work featuring actors from the original cartoon. This would be the perfect gift for introducing young gamers to a Disney classic, or for giving that retro gamer on your list a nostalgic gift.






Price: Can be found for around $20 – For the zombie lover

zombiu-wii-u-box-artZombiU was one of the first games to be released on Wii U but it didn’t gain the traction it sought. ZombiU is a survival horror game set in London that challenges gamers to stay alive for as long as possible. It’s a first person shooter that utilizes the Wii U GamePad in unique ways – like as n environment scanner and sniper rifle score – to keep gamers on their toes. It might not have made a big splash in 2012.






Here is a list of some other Wii U games you might find interesting:

A How-to Guide: Transfer Wii Data to your Wii U

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You’ve found this page because you’re ready to transfer your Wii’s data to your brand new, sexy Wii U console. Before you get started, there are a few notes you should take into consideration first. These details come directly from Nintendo Support

  1. Once your WiiWare and Virtual Console games are transferred over to your Wii U, they are are not retrievable, meaning you will no longer be able to play them on your Wii and you can’t transfer that data back.
  2. Wii U to Wii U transfers aren’t supported at the moment, so you will not be able to buy a Wii U Basic Set then transfer your data to an upgraded Wii U Deluxe Set.
  3. Make sure you transfer your data from the Wii to Wii U before trading, or selling your Wii console. That data cannot be retrieved by Nintendo.
  4. You must have your Wii and Wii U console available to do the transfer.

Read more

Crashmo Guide

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You bought Crashmo from the Nintendo eShop and everything was going fine for the first batch of puzzles, but now you’re stuck. You opened up your favourite search engine and typed the words “Crashmo walkthrough” or “Crashmo guide” and it has led you to this page. Well, if it’s a guide you need to help ease the puzzling pain, it’s a guide you’re going to get.

Welcome to’s Unofficial Crashmo Guide. You will find solutions to every puzzle in the game inside this guide. Crashmo is the sequel to Pushmo, but with so many changes to the gameplay, Pushmo seems like a distant cousin.

In the posts that lie ahead, you will find a written guide for each and every puzzle that Crashmo has to offer. Each written guide will also be accompanied by step-by-step images taken by using Crashmo’s in-game screenshot feature. You can thank me later.

Note: This guide will continue updating until every puzzle has a solution. Solutions are my own and the screenshots are mine. If you share this info elsewhere, we would appreciate it if you provided a link back to this guide.

Mini Guide: Dillon’s Rolling Western Tips

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Dillon’s Rolling Western is a polarizing Nintendo eShop game with gamers and critics taking sides. I happen to enjoy the title a lot and gave it a glowing review earlier this year, but Dillon’s Rolling Western can be challenging and even a bit frustrating at times. I have developed a strategy that normally works well for me, so I thought I’d make that strategy into a list of tips to help you overcome the Grocks!


Day 1 Is the Most Important

I can’t stress this point enough, Day 1 will be the most important weapon in your fight against the Grocks. It is the longest day of the three you will spend in each town and you must take advantage of that. If you follow these tips it will make the next couple of days a lot easier.

  1. Make sure to explore each area thoroughly during this day, some of the things you want to do include the following:
    1. Map out the best route to and from the Town itself. This becomes more important as you progress, because there will be many obstacles added that prevent you from getting back easily, or paths that will slow you down considerably.
    2. Check out every Gun Tower, specifically check out each gun and the direction they are pointing. Sometimes the direction is downright nonsense, save time and money by checking every tower out before committing to a purchase. More on Gun Towers later.
    3. Search for (and remember) the locations of Scruffles, mines, secret doors, and Grock spawn points. You should have enough time to collect minerals and Scruffles on Day 1 as well.
    4. Watch Grock spawn points and patterns in Day 1 as they tend to stick closely to that in subsequent days. This is mentioned quite a bit in-game, but I thought I’d stick it in here as well.

Donate Scruffles, Don’t Sell Them

Donating Scruffles will increase the town’s livestock of Scrogs. Having more Scrogs will mean that you can let more Grocks slip through your defenses. The reward is much larger when you donate Scruffles as they have next to nothing in value when being sold to the town.

Build Gates, Then Sell Any Remaining Minerals

Building gates for the town with your minerals is a good idea, but whatever minerals are leftover, just sell them for some extra cash. It could mean the difference between a new gun, or no gun at all.

Always Head Back to Town before Nightfall

This one is self-explanatory; you’re going to want money for the next day, to build defensive gates, and also help increase the Scrogs number. This isn’t possible during the night portion of the game.

Focus on Gun Towers, Forget the Watchtowers

Always focus your efforts on the Gun Towers. Watchtowers are important to increase your viewing area, but from my experience, you can afford to lose one or two. Also make sure to repair your gun towers when you get a chance, these repairs are cheap and will help make them last a lot longer.

Build Gun Towers in Strategic Positions

  1. There are two places that I prefer to build guns and gun towers:I found that building Gun Towers and guns closer to the town was more beneficial. In general you will patrol these areas more often, so a quick dash back to town is easily possible.
    1. First spot can be either directly pointed at the town’s doors (Gatling guns are good here) or build a gun pointing at the path leading to the town (Canons make a great long distance defense here.)
    2. The second spot should be near the Grocks’ Dens (Spawn Points.) Same rules apply with the town: Build Gatling guns when they point directly at the den, and canons along the path coming from the den. Dens are generally a good area for guns, mianly because Grocks will predictably spawn at certain dens more often than others. In fact, Grocks tend to stick to a pattern.
  2. Building the actual Tower can sometimes be risky, stick to pre-built towers as much as you can. Building a tower only to find out the direction its guns point is disappointing, and a waste of cash.

Don’t Upgrade Towers Unless you can Really Afford It

  1. Upgrading towers can be a good idea, but only if you can really afford it. Wooden towers are usually fine, but it can be good to upgrade to iron towers, etc. in later levels; however, if you’re swift, you can protect your towers by unleashing awesome patrol skills.
  2. Level 2 and higher guns are a good idea though, but again the same principle applies. It’s better to have 2 level 1 guns than one stronger gun.

Always take Quests

It’s always a good idea to take Quests, because if you complete them during the second day, you will at least have some cash for the third day. They are also quite easy to complete, so it’s always a plus. If you do happen to fail on the third day, big whoop. You do take a penalty, but it won’t affect you all that much, mostly because you’re mission in that town is already complete.

Buying Upgrades for Dillon has Pros and Cons

  1. Depending on your play style, it may be a good idea to get all of Dillon’s upgrades. If you want to focus on taking down Grocks and building less Towers/Gates, get all of his upgrades. You can increase your combo and your attack power! You will have to stay alert and make sure you tackle as many Grocks as possible instead of leaving the dirty work for your Towers.
  2. Upgrading Dillon can have its disadvantages; if you become stronger, you will destroy rocks and Grocks faster, but this will produce less materials. It really comes down to preference here.
  3. I prefer to keep Dillon upgraded, that way I can take out Grocks faster and hurry to the next battle.

Buy Bombs

If possible, buy one or two bombs when you can. This can help eliminate some of the stronger Grocks, ensuring that you can take them out easily and move along quickly.

Leave Battles When Necessary

Sometimes you may be in a battle when one of your Gun Towers, or the the town itself is in jeopardy. Leave that battle (run towards the outer border) as fast as you can! Luckily, leaving battles is quick and painless, and doing so will allow you to take out the other Grock in question.

Take out the Strong Grocks Quickly

Strong Grocks will come out a lot during your time on the battlefield. It is a good idea to take these guys out as fast as possible because they eat more Scrogs! Letting a few weak Grocks slip past your defenses is fine, but the stronger Grocks can quickly bring up that Game Over screen.

If at first you don’t succeed

This tip is definitely the most controversial on this list. Some may consider it to be a cheap tactic, but remember this, the mechanic was included to help the player.

If you fail your mission once (sometimes you need to fail more), Russ will ask you if you’d like to increase the total amount of cash you can bring to that level. I say, if you’re having trouble, exploit this every time. Not only will it help you build more guns, but you may also have some cash left over to upgrade them!