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Project CARS – The Ultimate Driver Journey Trailer

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Take it in, racing fans. The first official trailer for Project CARS has been released, complete with gorgeous, gameplay footage.

This racing simulator is coming to Wii U in November 2014.

NES Remix 2 – Classic NES Challenges Trailer

NES Remix 2 Logo
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Turtle Tale Wii U Closing in on Completion

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Edward of Saturnine Games was kind enough to send over some screenshots of the Wii U version of Turtle Tale.


The 3DS version has been approved by Nintendo of America and a release date should be announced soon. On the other hand, Nintendo of Europe seems to be lagging behind. In the meantime, Saturnine Games has been hard at work on the Wii U version of Turtle Tale and could be submitted to Nintendo as early as the end of April 2014.


Abyss Swims to Wii U Next Week

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EnjoyUp Games is announcing that Abyss will be released on the Nintendo eShop next Thursday, May 1st. The game will feature an HD facelift, 12 original missions, 8 new “Dark Mode” missions, remixed music, competitive two-player, and Off-TV play for just $1.99.

Here is the trailer for the game:

The Making of Child of Light

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Child of Light – Lemuria Trailer

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NES Remix 2 – Remixed Fun Trailer

NES Remix 2 Logo
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Super Smash Bros. U Screenshots – Firebars and Beam Swords

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Today’s picture of the day shows the new Firebar item and the new look for the Beam Sword. The Beam Sword now uses graduated colors in its design. The Firebar, on the other hand, will get shorter with every swing you take.

Super Mario Bros. 3 – Nintendo eShop Trailer

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Nintendo Download for April 17, 2014

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EB Games Canada to Offer Blue Shell Poster Pre-order Bonus for Mario Kart 8

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Those of us living in the “Great White North” will be able to score an exclusive Blue Shell poster when pre-ordering Mario Kart 8 at EB Games. Here’s a look at the full poster:


Ruining friendships since 1996… agreed.


Super Smash Bros. U Screenshot – Wii Fit Stage is Wacky

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Looks like the Wii Fit stage will have some wacky effects, not unlike the WarioWare stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Peach Pink Wii Remote Plus Coming Soon

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Nintendo will be releasing a Pink Peach Wii Remote Plus – which features a yellow d-pad and Princess Peach’s regal crown – to match the Mario and Luigi controllers they released last year. This Wii Remote Plus controller works with all Wii and Wii U games that use Wii Remote controllers and will be released in late April 2014. This controller will retail for the standard $39.99 in the United States, which means it’s probably $44.99 in Canada.

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